What Group Is Ravi?

Is SNSD disbanded?

With the change of music labels, the group was said to not be disbanded and future activities of the eight-member group remains to be discussed.

The group is currently on indefinite hiatus to focus on solo activities..

They are pretty popular in Korea as they have quite a large fanbase and win quite a lot of awards on music programs. However, I don’t think they are as popular internationally. VIXX are definitely considered mid-tier compared to other boy groups such as EXO, BTS, Big bang and TVXQ.

When did Ravi leave jellyfish?

On August 7th, Jellyfish Entertainment announced that member Hongbin will be officially leaving the group after careful considerations. Soon after, member Ravi posted on his Instagram the following words: “I feel I should be careful in speaking about this.

Did Taeyeon and Baekhyun dated?

Taeyeon, who is from Girls Generation, and Baekhyun, who is from EXO, are both under SM Entertainment, which is reportedly how they met each other in 2011. SM went on to release a statement to OSEN confirming the relationship. … However, the couple broke up in 2015.

Did Ravi go to the military?

On February 20, VIXX member/solo artist Ravi’s label GROOVL1N denied earlier reports, which claimed that Ravi was preparing to enlist for his mandatory military service in June of this year.

Who is Ravi Kpop?

Kim Won-sikKim Won-sik (Korean: 김원식; born February 15, 1993), better known by his stage name Ravi (Korean: 라비), is a South Korean rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer, and CEO of record label GROOVL1N. He is a member of the South Korean boy group VIXX and its sub-unit VIXX LR.

Is Ravi still part of VIXX?

On May 24, Leo, Ken, Hongbin, and Hyuk renewed their contracts, but Ravi decided to part ways with Jellyfish Entertainment in order to establish his own one-man label. However, Ravi intends to continue be a part of VIXX.

Did Ravi leave jellyfish?

On May 24, it was announced that while members Leo, Ken, Hongbin and Hyuk have resigned to Jellyfish Entertainment, Ravi has decided to leave and establish his own one-man label focusing on his personal music tastes.

Are Ravi and Taeyeon dating?

While the VIXX member’s agency GROOVL1N confirmed his relationship, the agency handling Girls’ Generation, SM Entertainment, denied Taeyeon’s relationship to the star. After the confusion, GROOVL1N also denied the claims. … Over the weekend, Joy News reported that Taeyeon and Ravi spent Christmas together.

Who is Kwon Yuri dating?

Oh Seung-hwanIt was stated that SNSD’s Kwon Yuri and Japan’s Hanshin Tigers pitcher Oh Seung-hwan have been dating since November 2014.

Is Ravi rich?

Ravi’s income source is mostly from being a successful Rapper. He is from South Korea….Ravi Net Worth.Net Worth in 2020$1 Million – $5 MillionHouseNot AvailableCarsNot AvailableSource of IncomeRapper3 more rows

Did Leo leave VIXX?

In May 2019, Jellyfish announced that Leo, Ken, Hongbin, and Hyuk had renewed their contracts, while Ravi would leave in order to establish his own label. At the time, Ravi also signaled his intention to keep promoting with VIXX for group activities. In August 2020, Hongbin left VIXX and Jellyfish Entertainment.

How old is Ravi Korean?

28 years (February 15, 1993)Ravi/Age

What is a Ravi?

Ravi may refer to: Surya, its synonym, a Sanskrit word for the Sun and the Hindu deity of it. Ravi River, a Himalayan river flowing through India and Pakistan.

How old is VIXX?

VIXX 6 members are just too cool to be left alone, which consisting of Leo, Ken, Ravi, Hongbin, and Hyuk. VIXX itself is a short form of Voice, Visual, Value in Excelsis….VIXX Members.Vixx Member NamesHongbinReal NamesLee Hong BinAge26BirthdaysSeptember 29, 1993Height (cm)1825 more columns•Feb 6, 2019

What year did VIXX debut?

2012VIXX/Active from

Why did Hongbin left VIXX?

Lee Hongbin, member of K-pop boy band VIXX, has decided to leave his group after causing controversy for criticizing things about other idol groups. “On August 7, Hongbin shared his intention to leave VIXX. … During a live stream on Twitch in March, Hongbin made derogatory remarks about SHINee, Infinite, and Red Velvet.