Quick Answer: Why Is Kim So Hyun So Popular?

Is Kim Soo Hyun highest paid actor?

Kim Soo Hyun was already the highest-paid actor in his latest series, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.

With the project, he made as much as $177,155 per episode.

That was, by far, the industry’s biggest paycheck.

But this time, Kim bagged a rather handsome pay rise: an extra $265,845 per episode..

How much does Kim Soo Hyun make?

1/9 Kim Soo-Hyun: $600,000 per episode He’s also the king of commercial films (CFs) and has won various awards for his roles, as well as the hearts of K-drama fans all around the world.

Does Kim Soo Hyun like IU?

Kim Soo Hyun and IU have been good friends since they co-starred in KBS2’s “Dream High” in 2011 and “The Producers” in 2015. He then appeared in her music video for “Ending Scene” in 2017, and she made a special appearance in his film “Real.” Kim Soo Hyun also made a cameo appearance in her 2019 drama “Hotel Del Luna.”

How many Daesang does Kim Soo Hyun have?

6 DaesangKim has won numerous accolades throughout the course of his career, including the Best Actor (TV) at 48th Baeksang Arts Awards for his acting in the historical drama series Moon Embracing the Sun and have accumulated 6 Daesang (Grand Prize), the most prestigious award in South Korea for television/film, from various …

Who is the highest paid Korean actress 2020?

Based on the data collected by The Toplists, here’s a list of the highest-paid Korean actresses of 2020:Park Shin Hye. Estimated $17,000 per episode. … Park Bo Young. Estimated $25,000 per episode. … Shin Min Ah. Estimated $25,000 per episode. … Gong Hyo Jin. Estimated $33,400. … Kim Tae Hee. … Song Hye Kyo. … Choi Ji Woo. … Ha Ji Won.More items…•Jul 2, 2020

Who is the richest celebrity in Korea?

Forbes Korea Power Celebrity is an annual list published by Forbes magazine (Korea) since 2010….2017.RankNameProfession1Park Bo-gumActor2Song Joong-kiActor3TwiceGirl group4ExoBoy band6 more rows

Who are the most handsome Korean actors?

Top Most Popular and Handsome Korean Drama actorsLee Joon Gi.Lee Jong Suk.Song Joong Ki.Ji Chang Wook.Lee Min Ho.Kim Soo Hyun.Park Bo Gum.So Ji Sub.More items…•Feb 5, 2021

Who is Kim So Hyun best friend?

Park Seo JoonAll four have worked with each other in a variety of combinations over the years. Kim Soo Hyun and Park Seo Joon have been longtime friends, as they were at the same entertainment company for several years.

Does Kim Soo Hyun sing?

2. Kim Soo Hyun. … He is a great singer as well and has released OSTs for every drama he has been in, with the exception of his latest drama, “The Producers.” Kim Soo Hyun’s voice is extremely skilled, and he sounds very sincere whenever he sings.

Who is the richest actor in Korea?

Kim Soo-HyunKim Soo-Hyun He commands the highest amount per episode and is considered the richest Kdrama actor around. He has a massive following on Instagram with over 9.6 million followers. Everyone in Korea knows Kim Soo Hyun.

Does Kim So Hyun play the piano?

Kim So-Hyun Facts: – She has a younger brother. – In 2006 she debuted as a child actress under Sidus HQ. She left Sidus HQ in 2015. – She learned how to play piano from her drama “Page Turner”.

Are Kim So Hyun and Kim Yoo Jung friends?

I felt like there’s nothing different with the two of us.” And “now I feel happy. We are friends and I think the differences between us is what makes us special”.

Is Bae Suzy rich?

Going through all of these, one can’t help but wonder: How much is Bae Suzy’s estimated net worth? Reports say that she’s now at $20 million (around P965,880,000).

Who did Kim Soo Hyun date?

Before Ye-Ji, Soo-Hyun was rumored to be in a relationship with IU. Even though the duo had first met in 2011 when they were shooting for Dream High, they only got closer when they were cast as a couple in the drama The Producer in 2015. They have been very supportive of each other since then.

Kim So Hyun is one of the most popular emerging actors in South Korea. … Kim is known for the numerous roles that she has played on screen which have earned her a lot of popularity within South Korea and outside the country as well.

Why is Kim So Hyun so rich?

Thanks to his popularity, Kim Soo-hyun became the face of 17 products and earned 8 billion won (US$6.6 million) from TV ads and commercials. With a sizeable salary, he bought a flat for 4.2 billion won (US$3.5 million) in 2013.

Does Kim So Hyun have a boyfriend?

Kim So-Hyun’s Boyfriend Having been acting since the age of 7, featuring in nearly 50 television shows and movies combined, Kim So-Hyun has reportedly never dated or been in a relationship before. Or rather, she is quite adept at keeping her personal matters private.

Who is the richest Korean actress?

Lee Young Ae is the richest Kdrama actress of all time. She has been working since 1993 and been very active ever since.

How old is Kim Soo Hyun now?

33 years (February 16, 1988)Kim Soo-hyun/Age

Who is the highest paid actor in 2020?

Highest-paid actors of 2020: Dwayne Johnson is No. 1, againDwayne Johnson. Earnings estimate: $87.5 million. … Ryan Reynolds. Earnings estimate: $71.5 million. … Mark Wahlberg. Earnings estimate: $58 million. … Ben Affleck. Earnings estimate: $55 million. … Vin Diesel. … Akshay Kumar. … Lin-Manuel Miranda. … Will Smith.More items…•Aug 11, 2020

Is Kim So Hyun rich?

Born on 4th June 1999, Kim So-hyun (김소현) hometown is in Australia. She belongs to South Korean ethnicity and is 18 years old as of now. She holds South Korean citizenship. Her zodiac sign is Gemini….Quick Wikis.NameKim So-hyun (김소현)Net Worthest. $17 million7 more rows•Feb 2, 2018