Quick Answer: Why Does Jungkook Hide His Tattoos?

Which is the most famous BTS ship?

Taekook ( V x Jungkook) 32%, 136212 votes.

Jikook (Jimin x Jungkook) 26%, 107888 votes.

NamJin (RM x Jin) 11%, 46179 votes.

Yoonmin (Suga x Jimin) 8%, 34486 votes.

Yoonseok/ SOPE (Suga x JHope) 6%, 23515 votes.

Vmin (V x Jimin) 5%, 21988 votes.

VminKook (V x Jimin x Jungkook) 4%, 17299 votes.

Vhope (V x JHope) 2%, 8191 vote.More items…•Apr 29, 2020.

Are Taekook real?

Taekook Is Real: Idols Kick Sails Ship For 2021 With New Proof The Duo Is Strong-Real : Celebrity.

Does Jungkook have Girlfriend 2020?

Does Jungkook have a girlfriend in 2020? Although dating rumours of ‘BTS’ Jungkook are always around, the most recent star that the singer has been romantically linked with this year is Lisa from ‘Blackpink,’ another famous K-pop band.

Who is Jungkook girlfriend now?

In terms of actual girlfriends, Jungkook is currently single but has previously been rumoured to date K-pop stars Jeong Ye In of the group ‘Lovelyz’, Jung Chae Yeon from ‘DIA’ as well as a 2015 rumour that he dated CUBE trainee Ko So-hyun.

Are tattoos illegal in Korea?

In South Korea, it is generally considered that people with tattoos are anti-social individuals who violate social norms and are criminals, gangsters, or juvenile delinquents. Korean law allows professional doctors to open tattoo parlors and it is not illegal to have a tattoo. Only the army prohibits tattoos.

Why is V the hidden member of BTS?

Secret member BTS V pre-debut, before being revealed as a member. This is due to the fact that our precious V was kept as a hidden member. The reason behind it is still unclear, ARMYs speculate it’s either because the company wasn’t sure of keeping him in the official lineup, or because they feared he’d be stolen away!

Is Jikook real?

It doesn’t mean something is wrong with Jikook or that Jikook is not real. … Jikook are able to enforce boundaries with each other because they have the right to.

Which BTS member doesn’t have tattoos?

The boy band has seven members, but only two of them have tattoos. Jin, J-Hope, RM, V, and Suga are all tattoo-free at this point, but we never know when Jimin and Jungkook’s influence might rub off on them.

What does Jungkook’s tattoos mean?

Jungkook’s hand tattoo has a hidden meaning just for ARMY The “A” in “ARMY” is actually a V, for Taehyung. … The “RM” in “ARMY” stands for Namjoon’s stage name, of the same two letters. The J on Jungkook’s finger represents the rest of the members in BTS, whose names, or stage names, begin with J.

Did Jungkook actually get tattoos?

You Might Be Surprised by How Many Tattoos BTS Have. BTS go all out with their beauty and fashion looks, but one thing this K-pop group doesn’t do a lot of is tattoos — except for Jungkook. The boy band has seven members, but only two of them have tattoos.

Does Jungkook have a sleeve tattoo?

Usually, Jungkook hides his tattoos by wearing long sleeves, and on the few occasions when he does wear short sleeves, editors use movie magic to blur out his designs.

Who in BTS came from a poor family?

– Suga came from a poor family, he works part-jobs to pay bills, would starve himself with no money to eat. – Jhope dedicated his solo MAMA to his mother because he thinks at some point, he has disappointed his mom.

Are Jungkook and V married?

Jungkook & Taehyung are a happily married couple now for 2 yrs.

Does Kim Taehyung have a tattoo?

V appeared in the unique fake tattoos on his right cheek and left neck. The tattoo under his right eye read, ‘THE SHADOW LIKE ME,’ and the tattoo on his left neck seemed to have cracked his neck. ARMYs had come up with various speculations, including speculation that V’s tattoos might mean the shadow of his inner self.

Why does Jungkook always have a hickey?

Some other fans denied that the bruise was a hickey. They said that Jungkook’s skin was sensitive and the red things on his neck could be bruises, bug bites, itches, or swelling. Some fans thought that it could have been from stress, as stress can cause a rash, red spots, or hives on the stomach, back, arms, and face.

When did Jungkook reveal his tattoos?

September 2019It was in September 2019 when fans became aware of the singer’s first tattoo. Jungkook’s collection of ink has slowly been revealed since that momentous day and, in case you can’t keep track of how many tattoos BTS’ Jungkook has, here’s a comprehensive list.

What scent does Jungkook use?

BTS Jungkook Perfume Dressroom New York 97. Here is the list of perfumes Jungkook likes to use: Victoria Secret’s Noir Tease. BVLGARI Omnia Paraiba.

Why do they censor Jungkook’s tattoos?

The first one is that many fans hated the fact that he got tattoos on his hand. So many fans refuse to accept the fact that he has a mind of his own and it is his own body to do what he please. So with that being said that could be a reason why he decided to kept it hidden.

Why does Bighit hide Taekook?

There’s also a sense of security in maintaining the image of the group from a while back that still carries through to now that has to do with Kook being underage at the time but being portrayed to be involved sexually with Taehyung. They are protecting them, their image, and their privacy.