Quick Answer: Where Can I Find My Clearpay Limit?

How many Clearpay Orders can I have?

First time shoppers with Clearpay may only have 1 order approved in the first 24hrs.

If you are brand new to Clearpay and trying to use our service multiple times you will be declined.

This helps us to keep our service FREE to use for all of our shoppers..

Does klarna accept bad credit?

Using Klarna will not affect your credit score when: Choosing to ‘Pay in 3 instalments’ Deciding to ‘Pay in 30 days’ Taking out a Covid-19 related payment holiday.

What’s better klarna or Clearpay?

Clearpay charges a late fee if you miss a payment, whereas Klarna doesn’t at all. Yes, Klarna’s option could be a good way of stopping you from getting into debt, but if you fail to repay your instalments, you probably won’t be able to continue using the service.

What time do Clearpay take payment?

At any time, you can log in to your Clearpay account to see your payment schedule and make a payment before the due date. Otherwise we will automatically take the money from your debit or credit card every 2 weeks. Please Note: Clearpay does not approve 100% of orders.

Does UpLift check credit?

Both UpLift and Affirm say they perform soft credit checks — essentially a background check of your credit report, which won’t hurt your score. If you are approved, the loan and your payment history will show up on your credit report.

How many payments is Clearpay?

4 instalmentsHighlights: Clearpay lends you a fixed amount of credit to allow you to pay for your purchase over 4 instalments due every 2 weeks, in accordance with the relevant Payment Schedule.

Is Clearpay trustworthy?

Is Clearpay safe? Yes. Clearpay is part of the Afterpay Touch Group, which is Level 1 certified by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Rest assured your card details and personal information are always safe when you shop with Clearpay.

How can I contact Clearpay?

Phone number: 0808 164 9707.

Can you increase Clearpay?

Yes. Once you’ve purchased with Clearpay, you will typically have to wait until you’ve finished paying for one purchase before you make another. With every purchase that you make and repay successfully, your spending limit will increase.

Is there a minimum spend on Clearpay?

Is there a limit to how much I can spend on a single Clearpay transaction? Yes, your bag value must be between £10 and up to £800 to use Clearpay. Approval amounts may vary and are determined by Clearpay.

What happens if I can’t pay ClearPay?

As soon as you miss a payment, we will immediately stop you from making any further purchases with Clearpay. … To protect you, our late fees are capped and will never go higher than 25% of the price of the item you purchased.

How do I unfreeze my ClearPay account?

If your account has been disabled, reset your password by selecting “Forgot your Password” on the log in page and an email will be sent to you. Follow the prompts and your account will become active once again.

Is there a credit limit on Clearpay?

Yes. All Clearpay customers are given a credit limit.

Why did Clearpay declined my order?

Clearpay may have rejected your application to pay on account. We’d recommend choosing another type of payment or placing an order for a smaller amount. … If you haven’t used Clearpay before and you’re shipping to a different address to your billing address, the payment may be declined.

Is Clearpay and Afterpay the same?

Afterpay is called Clearpay in the UK. Same company, different name, so you will see Clearpay when checking out with Afterpay AU the UK.

Can you have two Afterpays at once?

Yes you can, Afterpay will monitor your account. If you are up to date with your payments you have the option to have multiple orders running simultaneously. In the case that you have overdue payments or too many scheduled payments Afterpay will decline your application and provide you with the reason.

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