Quick Answer: Where Are The Cheapest NBA Tickets?

How much are front row NBA tickets?

You can score courtside tickets for less than $500 to see the Dallas Mavericks, Detroit Pistons, or Atlanta Hawks.

Some of the most expensive NBA courtside tickets are for the Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State Warriors, and New York Knicks.

These can range from just over $1,000 to $3,600 or more..

Where can I find cheap NBA tickets?

The easiest and best way to cut costs is by finding the ticket exchange / ticket site which charges the least amount of fees. So, when looking to buy NBA basketball tickets there are a plethora of options to choose from, such as the NBA Ticket Exchange, StubHub, NBA.com, and many others.

Which team has the cheapest NBA tickets?

Top NBA Teams That Has the Cheapest TicketsTop 10 in perspective. It’s important to mention that plenty of top 10 ranking teams have relatively affordable ticket prices. … The absolute cheapest. The cheapest tickets in the entire league are the Cleveland Cavaliers. … Cheapest top 10 teams.Feb 25, 2020

Is it cheaper to buy NBA tickets at the stadium?

Are NBA Tickets Cheaper at the Arena? … Tickets at the stadium turn out to be more costly. As we discussed earlier, if you are looking for NBA tickets on the same day of the game, many online ticket brokers will reduce the price of tickets the closer it gets to game time.

How much are NBA tickets right now?

NBA Ticket Prices Fans searching for NBA tickets will find an average ticket price of $94 per seat, according to SeatGeek data.

How much is a ticket to a Lakers game?

How Much Are 2021 Lakers Tickets. Secondary market get-in prices for Lakers upcoming April home games with fans range from $120 on the low end (4/17 vs Utah) to $199 (4/30 vs Sacramento).

Is it hard to get NBA tickets?

Getting tickets to a big NBA game is a huge deal for any basketball fan. But tickets are often hard to get, especially if you want to get good seats for a big game. Also, there’s a lot of other things that most people forget about before they leave for the game. These include parking, food, and crowds.

What was the most expensive NBA Finals ticket?

On StubHub, the lowest ticket is $516. A VIP courtside seat is $52,700. NBA.com has the lowest price at $500. According to Mercury News, a fan has spent a record amount for a ticket for Game 6, the most expensive in NBA history, paying $100,000 for two tickets, each at $50,000.

Can you buy tickets for NBA games?

NBA Schedule 2020-2021 Tickets – Release Date Typically, basketball fans are able to purchase tickets within 24-48 hours of the release of the NBA schedule from secondary ticket marketplaces because season ticket members will often list their single game tickets for sale right away.

Do NBA players get free tickets?

Tickets to pro sporting events are often really expensive. NBA players do have an opportunity to help out their friends and family by giving away free tickets to games.

Is the NBA allowing fans?

All 30 NBA teams have worked with their respective local health officials to develop health and safety protocols for the upcoming season. As of now, 21 teams are permitting limited attendance of ticketed fans in their respective arenas.