Quick Answer: What Time Is KCON 2020?

Is KCON La Cancelled?

Q: Is KCON 2020 LA cancelled.

A: All physical KCON events for 2020–including KCON 2020 LA–have been cancelled.

We hope that all of our fans are staying healthy and we can’t wait to see you at KCON:TACT!.

What does KCON stand for?

KCONAcronymDefinitionKCONContents KeyKCONKirkhof College of Nursing (Grand Valley State University; Allendale, MI)

Do you have to pay for KCON tact?

It’s awesome to have and there are really great emojis, but to access KCON:TACT you will need to purchase the $19.99 “KCON:TACT membership” on the Mnet K-Pop channel.

Who will perform at KCON 2020?

Hello KCON-ers! It’s time for the first KCON:TACT 2020 SUMMER artist announcement! The first 10 artists attending KCON:TACT are AB6IX, GFRIEND, GOLDEN CHILD, IZ*ONE, LOONA, MONSTA X, NATURE, PENTAGON, THE BOYZ, and TOO.

Is there a KCON in the UK?

As it stands, there has been no confirmation that a UK version of Kcon is happening. However speculation over whether it might happen has been rife after someone posted a tweet of what they claimed was a job advert they had found looking for translators to work at a UK Kcon event in Manchester in April 2021.

Is buying tickets on viagogo safe?

Safe ticket buying if you’re going to a gig or sporting event. Viagogo can’t be trusted. … They rush you and make their websites look just enough like they could be official ticket sellers. If you buy through Viagogo your ticket could be fake and you could be getting ripped off.

Who was at KCON la 2019?

This year’s concert featured top K-Pop artists including AB6IX, ATEEZ, IZ*ONE, LOONA, MOMOLAND, NU’EST, SF9, fromis_9, ITZY, MAMAMOO, N. Flying, SEVENTEEN, Stray Kids, and VERIVERY.

When did KCON start?

October 13, 2012KCON/First event date

What time does KCON 2020 start?

7:30 PMThe pre-show starts at 7:00 PM and the main show starts at 7:30 PM.

When did BTS go to KCON?

BTS Joins KCON 2016 Los Angeles as a Headliner.

How much does a KCON ticket cost?

From March 2, 2020 at 3 p.m. EST, you will be able to register and purchase your KCON 2020 NY Convention and KCON ROOKIES tickets at a discounted rate–$30.99 for Convention GA tickets (original: $35.99) and $45 for KCON ROOKIES tickets (original: $60).

Where can I watch KCON live?

You can catch the series either on KCON Official or Mnet K-Pop. Or, you can head to the LIVE page on kconusa!

Is KCON online?

Experience KCON, the world’s biggest K-Culture festival, online! KCON:TACT is the first-ever online K-Culture festival that connects the world.

How do I get KCON tickets?

Where can I purchase tickets? You will be able to purchase tickets for KCON NY at ticketmaster.com. Ticketmaster is the official ticketing partner for the Prudential Center.

How do I join tact in KCON?

KCON:TACT MEMBERSHIP GUIDEGo to: https://www.youtube.com/KCON/join or https://www.youtube.com/Mnet/join.Select either KCON:TACT or KCON:TACT PLUS.Click the “Join” button.Proceed with payment.