Quick Answer: What Is BTS Favorite Drink?

What is BTS favorite soda?


Congrats to our favorite Social Artist.” As for J-Hope, naturally, one of his favorite American sodas is Sprite.

During one interview, he explained his love for In-N-Out Burger and a Sprite on the side..

What coffee does BTS drink?

Dalgona coffeeWhile in self-isolation in 2020, members Jimin and RM made the coffee drink that is famous in South Korea named Dalgona coffee. This coffee is made from, well coffee, along with milk, sugar, and whipped cream. J-Hope told interviewers once that his favorite coffee is an espresso.

What does Jimin drink?

Jimin enjoys drinking alone, but of course, he also enjoys drinking with his close friends like his fellow BTS member, Jungkook. Jimin’s choice of drink isn’t limited to beer and soju alone: he also knows how to enjoy a good cocktail from time to time.

What is Jungkook and banana milk?

We all know Jungkook has expressed his love for milk, especially banana milk. He has been seen at fan meetings drinking the beverage and said in interviews that he loves banana milk a lot. I think he drank too much so that explains why he is a tough and strong bunny… Listen up, peeps.

Do BTS shave their legs?

Yes, BTS does shave their leg hair, mostly when they are wearing shorts.

Why is V called Tiger?

It has been said that fans decided on the animal as the tiger is the BTS member’s spirit animal. V once identified the tiger as his favorite animal for the resemblance of character, and he often uses tiger emojis on social media.

What is Kim Taehyung’s favorite color?

Fact #17: His favourite colours are black, white, green and purple.

What is BTS Jin favorite drink?

Take Me To The Sky — What’s Jin’s favorite drink? …. Gin.

Which BTS members drink alcohol?

RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook are all in the legal age to drink alcohol. Although BTS is always careful with the things that they say and do, knowing that a lot of ARMYs look up to them, they never deny the fact that they drink.

What is V’s favorite color?

purpleWell, this trend was started by BTS member, Taehyung. While addressing the audience after one of their performances, he explained why he likes purple and how he is going to love his fans just like the last color of the rainbow i.e purple. V’s favorite color is definitely purple and he is often seen carrying it.

What are BTS favorite things?

Favourite item is Clothes, computer, books.

Do BTS have girlfriends?

BTS members Jimin, Jungkook, RM, Suga, V, Jin and J-Hope’s are all currently single, but there have been plenty of dating and girlfriend rumours surrounding them.

Who has the best body in BTS?

jimin said that Jin actually has the best body in BTS #btsreact.

Does BTS v drunk?

Confession: We laughed our guts out for half-hour straight while revisiting the episode. So, back in 2014, when the members had just kicked off their careers, there was a time when BTS member V got drunk. The singer was finally of the age and he along with the band members ventured out for some drinks.

Which BTS members have lost their virginity?

“V from BTS lost his virginity at the age of 14″bts.taehyung.Apr 8, 2017

Does anyone from BTS smoke?

Do BTS members smoke? No, No One ever found Any BTS member smoking. Tae was found with an electric cigarette. All those people saying they smell like Tobacco and fans claimed that are wrong, fans never said such things..

What kind of girl does v like?

He wants a girlfriend who is kind and compassionate. Someone who takes care of herself mentally. By “talks nicely”, we think that he means someone intelligent over everything else. It looks like internal qualities are the most important part to V’s ideal partner.

Who is BTS v bestfriend?

Best BTS friends: V and Jimin BTS’ Taehyung and Jimin are considered two of the closest friend in the BTS band. Taehyung (V) often considers Jimin as his best friend off-camera as well. Even during the Bon Voyage Season 2, Episode 8, which was shot in Hawaii, V wrote a letter to Jimin calling him as his best friend.

Who is the hottest BTS member?

member JungkookHong Kong bus crash injures 22 children. BTS member Jungkook has been crowned this year’s “Sexiest International Man” by People magazine.

Which BTS member drink the most?

Via Koreaboo, Hobi ranked Suga at #1 for having the highest alcohol tolerance, which doesn’t come as much of a surprise. We all remember the friendly banter between Yoongi and Jungkook during Bon Voyage Season 3 in Malta when the Daechwita rapper took The Golden Maknae for a drink at a bar.

Is V a BTS drink?

V doesn’t drink alcohol. He drinks Coke instead of beer.

Who is the skinniest in BTS?

Who is the skinniest in BTS? Suga (Min Yoon-gi) and Jimin (Park Ji-min) are both 175 cm/5’9″ tall. Although they are the shortest members of BTS, their height is still quite impressive. Suga is the slimmest, weighing only 59 kg/130 lbs and Jimin weighs around 61 kg/134 lbs.

What is BTS most hated country?

PhilippinesPhilippines is the mOst hated country to Korea right now!

What is Taehyung’s favorite fruit?

strawberryBTS V UNION on Twitter: “Taehyung’s favourite fruit is strawberry 🍓 He really loves strawberry.… ”

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