Quick Answer: What Does BTS FF Mean?

What is FF in lol?

Surrendering is a vote allowing a team to forfeit the game.

A player can call a surrender vote by typing /surrender , /ff , /concede or /forfeit in chat, or by pressing the “Surrender” button in the options menu.

This means that on a team of three or fewer players, the entire team must agree..

Does BTS know about Taekook?

He knows about Vkook and doesn’t want to make it awkward for the rest of the members. … But Namjoon’s awkward laugh tells all… he knows about Vkook. *When Jin and Tae were complimenting each other and Kookie got mad* Jimin tries to comfort him.

What does Yoongi call Taehyung?

Yoongi → Taehyung: Most Commonly: Taehyung-ah (태형아). (He speaks in Satoori to Taehyung from time to time as well, they both share Daegu dialect and sometimes when Tae uses satoori or accidentally fumbles a word choice, Yoongi always ‘translates’ it for him.)

What does FF stand for?

AcronymDefinitionFFFast ForwardFFForm FeedFFAnd the Following PagesFFFollowing189 more rows

What does AFK mean?

away from keyboardAFK means “away from keyboard” in typing shorthand. Its meaning can be literal or it can simply indicate that you aren’t online.

What does DF mean?

DF also means “Direction Finding” and “Disease Free” or “Drug Free.”

What is Army mean in BTS?

Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth40 million members of ARMY, which stands for Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth, subscribe to BTS’ YouTube channel, and more than 30 million follow both the member-run Twitter account and Big Hit’s official BTS Instagram account.

What is the meaning of B in BTS?

Bang Tan SonyeondanBangtan Boys BTS stands for “Bang Tan Sonyeondan”, which literally translates as the “Bulletproof Boy Scouts.” In July 2017, as part of a revamp of their image, BTS announced they would also be known as “Beyond The Scene.” The seven members of BTS and their roles within the band are: Name. Role.

What does TF mean sexually?

TF — The f**k, as in “who TF you think are?” Thirsty — Desperate for attention, usually sexual attention.

What is BTS most hated country?

the PhilippinesBTS Most Hated Country is considered as the Philippines, in accordance with the reference of various sources. Apart from the Philippines, people from countries like England, the USA, China, North Korea, India hated BTS Members for several reasons.

What does 3 mean on Instagram?

“Love” is the most common definition for <3. on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. <3. Definition: Love.

What does FF mean on twitter?

Follow FridayFF or Follow Friday. This is a weekly opportunity to say thank you and recommend other people on Twitter to follow. You simply use the hashtag #FF and then list the @handles of the people you suggest to follow.

Is reading BTS fanfiction bad?

Every fan appreciates BTS in a different way, and indulging in writing/reading fanfiction is a perfectly valid way of doing so. However, I admit it gets embarrassing when people start fighting over ships or posting fanfic content on twitter/weverse.

What is FF in chat?

FF – Follow Friday.

Do BTS fanfictions read?

Considering Jungkook himself had written a Fanfic when younger, i think it is safe to say that YEs, BTS do know that they are written about. they may not explicitly search it out and read it, considering their schedule barely gives them time to sleep or rest even when sick.