Quick Answer: Is Park Hyung Sik Married?

Is Park Hyung Sik out of military?

While Park Hyung Sik’s military service date was June 10, 2019, the South Korean singer-turned-actor has officially been discharged from the military service on January 4, 2020..

Can Park Hyung Sik speak English?

Although he has never studied in a foreign country, the actor is pretty fluent in English. In fact, he even had a radio show when he was serving in the army, where he taught basic conversational English through scenario-based lessons.

How old is Bong Soon?

Rather, both the lead actors of the drama are younger to her. Though it doesn’t look like but Bo Young is 27-year old and her lead co-stars Park Hyun Sik and Ji Soo is 25 and 24-year old, respectively. Bo Young’s on-screen brother An Woo Yeon is just one year younger to his sister in real life.

Who is Park Hyung Sik wife?

Fans are certainly rooting for Park Hyung-Sik and Park Bo-young to be together. After all, the chemistry between them in Strong Woman Do Bong-soon was evident throughout the series. In addition to that, the Suits star has repeatedly expressed his love for his co-star.

Who is Park Hyung Sik father?

ZE:A’s Hyungsik clarified that his father wasn’t the CEO of BMW Korea, but rather a member of the board of directors. On the July 23 episode of SBS’ ‘Incarnation’, Hyungsik was asked, “There are stories that you’re the son of the CEO of a foreign car company.

What is Park Hyung Sik doing now?

According to YTN, Park Hyung Sik will be discharged from the military on January 4, 2021. The actor is currently on his last vacation. … He joined the Capital Defense Command as a military police.

How old is Hyung Sik?

29 years (November 16, 1991)Park Hyung-sik/Age

Is Park Hyung Sik in a relationship?

With this, fans are always asking if this handsome actor is currently dating or is in a relationship. Is Park Hyung-sik dating anyone now? Lucky for his fans, this handsome actor has revealed that he does not have a girlfriend since his debut in 2010.

Is Park Hyung Sik an idol?

ZE:A’s Park Hyungsik is also another idol who absolutely kills its as a main vocalist and an actor! He has starred in dramas such as Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and the Korean remake of the legal drama Suits, and has received much acclaim for it!