Quick Answer: Is It Safe To Buy Tickets From AXS?

Is AXS owned by Ticketmaster?

Is AXS owned by Ticketmaster.

It was developed and is operated by Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) in partnership with Outbox Technology.

In September 2019, AEG bought out Outbox’s partnership and AXS is now a wholly owned subsidiary of AEG..

How do I get my money back from AXS tickets?

If your event is cancelled, we’ll automatically refund the credit card used for purchase* (usually within 30 business days of the cancellation announcement). Bought your tickets at the venue’s box office? Please take the tickets directly to the box office for a refund.

Is AXS and Flash Seats the same thing?

FlashSeats is a paperless ticketing system used by AXS, and this is why they are listed as the same delivery method on our site.

How much does AXS charge to sell tickets?

It’s free to list your tickets, and when your tickets sell, a resale fee (sometimes called a seller connection or seller fee) will be deducted. You’ll see what your potential payout will be (the amount you’ll receive after the resale fee) when listing your tickets.

How long does it take for tickets to show up on AXS?

AXS tickets are delivered within 24-48 hours of the event. After following the instructions provided, your ticket will be displayed as a digital barcode in the AXS app. The event staff will scan this digital barcode to let you and your party into the event.

What happens when you transfer tickets on AXS?

When available, use the Transfer or Share feature will allow you to send event tickets to a friend. Transfer is used for AXS Mobile ID digital tickets. If the recipient has an AXS account, they’ll receive the tickets right away. … And they’ll need the AXS app to use the tickets.

How long does it take AXS to send tickets?

Tickets are usually dispatched by post no later than 10 days before the event. There may be some cases where you’ll receive tickets later than these guidelines – where we are waiting on the ticket stock from the venues that we sell for.

Where is the safest place to buy concert tickets?

​Top 10 Best Ticket Sites – Everything You Need To KnowTicketNetwork.Seatgeek. Established in 2009, Seatgeek is a mobile based platform that puts users and events together. … StubHub. … Ticketmaster. … TicketLiquidator. … Live Nation. … TicketCity. … VividSeats.More items…

How do AXS tickets work?

AXS Mobile ID digital tickets are tickets you use with your phone – like e-tickets or mobile tickets from an airline or movie theater — they make getting in easier than ever. Simply show your tickets on your phone using the AXS app to enter the venue. … Open the app and sign in to see your tickets.

What does AXS stand for?

AXSAcronymDefinitionAXSAccessAXSActivex ScriptAXSAnomalous X-Ray ScatteringAXSAlpha Chi Sigma4 more rows

Why can’t I see my tickets on AXS?

Please make sure you’re signed in to the same AXS account you used to buy the tickets. For some events, extra time is required to process and confirm all orders, but you’ll still receive your tickets at least one week before your event. …

How do you get AXS premium tickets?

These in-demand tickets to concerts and other events are made available by artists and event organizers through AXS. AXS Premium tickets are available for select events only and are ticket-only purchases, with prices subject to change at any time. If available, you’ll see them on the event page under the event info.

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