Quick Answer: How Do I Transfer StubHub Tickets?

Can you trade tickets on StubHub?

Because StubHub is a marketplace for fans to buy and sell tickets, we can’t exchange tickets.

You can resell them on StubHub..

How do I get my StubHub ticket access code?

Buying tickets as a guest: Using the access code to see your order PrintTap My tickets.At the bottom, tap the link in Have an access code? Find your order.Enter your email address, the access code, and your phone number.Tap View order.

How do I get my mobile tickets from StubHub?

Mobile ticket: Use the StubHub app to view the tickets and scan them at the event. Mobile or print: Use the StubHub app to scan them at the event. You can also click Get tickets on a desktop to view and print.

How do StubHub tickets work?

When you buy a type of mobile ticket on StubHub, you’ll view the ticket on your phone. Then you’ll scan the barcode or QR code at the gate. StubHub offers several kinds of mobile tickets. Not all are available for each event.

What happens if no one buys your tickets on StubHub?

If the tickets you’re reselling on StubHub don’t sell, they’re still yours. You can try to sell them elsewhere or give them to a friend. You only pay a sell fee if the tickets sell.

There is no federal law regarding ticket scalping in the United States, and StubHub encourages sellers to adhere to local state regulations in its terms of service. … Some states have laws restricting resale only on the physical grounds of an event. And other laws have been discarded.

How do I transfer a StubHub ticket to someone else?

Want to send tickets you bought on StubHub to a friend? The way you send them depends on how they were delivered to you. Tap the 3 dots then ‘Send ticket’ to email or text the ticket to them. They’ll scan the ticket from their phone.

Can I sell tickets from Ticketmaster on StubHub?

Ticketmaster doesn’t allow resell on their site for all events. However, you can sell those tickets on StubHub or any other marketplace.

How do I transfer tickets from Ticketmaster to StubHub?

If they sell, you will see the update in your MyHub portion of the profile (or under “My Tickets” > “Sales”) along with the buyer’s name and email address. From there, you’ll pull up the tickets in Ticketmaster and click the “Transfer Tickets” button to select the seats you’ve sold.

Can you get physical tickets from StubHub?

If you go to ticket services (around the corner from the box office, closer to the ballpark) before the game and tell them that you lost your tickets, they should be able to retrieve them with the credit card that you used to buy them and print out hard copies.

Is StubHub a ripoff?

Is StubHub Legit to Buy from? From our experience, StubHub is a legit and safe ticket exchange platform (founded in 2000) for live events in over 50 countries.

Do screenshots of StubHub tickets work?

Taking a screenshot of a mobile ticket and uploading to StubHub Print. Screenshots may not be a valid delivery method for your event. Check before trying to upload a screenshot to a listing or share a ticket screenshot with friends or family. Choose your ticket quantity and if you have a parking pass.

Can you sell tickets on StubHub for more than face value?

StubHub is a marketplace where fans buy from and sell tickets to one another. This means sellers set the ticket prices. They may sell them for more or less than face value.

Can’t find my StubHub tickets?

I lost my tickets Print If you bought electronic tickets on StubHub, you can download and print them again. Go to My tickets > Orders. Have hard copy tickets? Contact us and we’ll try to help.

What does a StubHub ticket look like?

Instead of using a hard copy or PDF ticket, your ticket is stored on your phone. It’ll often look like a square barcode, called a QR code. At the event, you’ll view the mobile ticket on your phone to scan it at the gate. Lindsay is the author of this solution article.

Can you transfer mobile tickets on StubHub?

You need to accept a ticket transfer to see them on your phone. The email has an Accept tickets button: Click or tap ‘Accept tickets. ‘ Follow the steps to create an account where the tickets are stored. Use the same email you use on StubHub, and complete the steps to accept the transfer.

How do you resell tickets on StubHub?

Reselling tickets on the StubHub appTap ‘My tickets’ > Tap the order.Tap the 3 dots and ‘Sell tickets’ Choose which seats you’re selling. Set your price per ticket and how you’ll get paid.Tap ‘List tickets’

How long does it take StubHub to transfer tickets?

On StubHub, go to My tickets > Sales and find your sale. Do you see a Confirm transfer button? No: You’re all set! We’ll automatically confirm your order within 30 minutes of ticket transfer.

How much does StubHub charge to sell tickets?

For Stubhub, it is free to list tickets for sale. On each completed transaction, the buyer pays a 10% fee, and sellers are charged a 15% fee. For example, on the sale of a $100 ticket, the buyer would pay $110. The seller would net $85.

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