Quick Answer: How Can I Print My Train Ticket With PNR Number Without Login?

How can I download my flight ticket using PNR number?

You need to enter the PNR number or booking reference of your flight ticket and last name of the first passenger of the ticket or email address which was given at the time of ticket booking.

If you have this simple information then you can download or send itinerary to your e-mail..

How do I download my e ticket?

How to print IRCTC train e-ticketLog on to the IRCTC e-ticketing website www.irctc.co.in by providing the correct username and password.Go to ‘My Transactions’ and click on ‘Booked Ticket History’ link on the main menu bar.All the booked tickets will be displayed.More items…•Jun 8, 2019

How can I get PNR number?

How to find the PNR number on a train ticket? On an Indian railways train ticket, you can find the PNR number on the top left hand corner. When you have booked an e-ticket from IRCTC website, or from an online travel website, the number would be present on the top section.

How can I print my flight ticket?

To print out your boarding pass prior to your arrival at the airport, you can go to the airline’s (from which you are scheduled to fly with) website. You will need to enter the last name of the passenger traveling and confirmation number.

How can I print old ticket from PNR number?

How to Print Train Ticket Using PNR Number ?Open IRCTC Website.Log on IRCTC Website.Open Booked Ticket History Page.Print IRCTC Train Ticket ( E-Ticket)

How can I download railway ticket in PDF?

While taking the printout of the ticket, select the printer as Microsoft One Note in the print dialog box. Click PRINT. Now Onenote opens and you can see your ticket there. Now you can copy, convert it into pdf by saving in .

What is a PNR number on E ticket?

PNR is the most important code while buying a flight ticket. … PNR, PNR number, or PNR code is an electronic detail consisting of numbers and letters given after booking a flight. PNR is the abbreviation of “Passenger Name Record” and it is also used as a booking number on the sectoral basis.

How can I check my PNR status online?

You can understand your PNR live status and train info from multiple sources that include:PNR status check for railway reservation using SMS/phone: SMS PNR and send to 139 or call 139.PNR status on mobile on Paytm App/Website.PNR Status Enquiry at railway station counters.Check in Final reservation charts.

How can I download train chart?

Log onto the IRCTC website with your credentials. You can find charts/vacancy options at the bottom of the page. Click on it and you would be redirected to a new page. Enter the complete details in the available options such as the train number, journey data, boarding station.

Is printed ticket required for train?

No more do you have to carry your ticket to travel in the reserved compartment of a train — provided you have booked your ticket online. In case one is carrying a laptop, showing the e-mailed ticket will be sufficient proof. …

How can I print my ticket from PNR without login?

To print train ticket without login to your IRCTC account, open the messaging app on your smartphone. Write the PNR number in SMS and send it to 139 from your registered mobile number. That’s it, within 1 minute you will receive a message from IRCTC with detailed ticket information.

How can I download Irctc ticket PDF in Mobile?

first of all.login to irctc app.now go to my transaction.select my booking.choose the ticket which you want to save or print.click on right side 3 dot and select view ticket.then select save ticket.. now you can print that save ticket.

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