Quick Answer: Can You Cancel Vivid Seats Tickets?

Which is better vivid seats or StubHub?

StubHub’s fees are reportedly a little higher than Vivid Seats’ on average.

Total fees can range from 20% to 50% of the original price.

StubHub does have decent customer service but it is nowhere near as highly recommended as Vivid Seats..

Is Vivid Seats Legit Reddit?

They are legit, seats are cheaper until they add in their “fees”. I found them to be only 10-15 bucks cheaper than stubhub.

Why are tickets cheaper on Vivid Seats?

To combat the high fees, Vivid Seats has done a good job working with ticket brokers to receive lower ticket prices, or discounts verses the prices that the same broker provides Stubhub. Vivid Seats also offers many different rewards and discounts, mostly for loyal customers (learn more about Vivid Seats coupon codes).

How do you cancel Vivid Seats?

In the event you wish to withdraw consent, please email [email protected] to delete your account and then cease using our services.

Can I sell my tickets back to Vivid Seats?

Click the “Sell Tickets” link which can be found by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner of the Vivid Seats homepage, or at the bottom under “Services”. 2. On the next page, click the red bar labeled “SELL YOUR TICKETS”.

Can you get scammed on Vivid Seats?

Is Vivid Seats legit? Yes. Vivid Seats is a trusted and reliable way to buy and sell tickets. It is a legitimate company that facilities hundreds of millions of dollars worth of ticket sales each year.

How do I call Vivid Seats?

We strive for efficiency and easy of use when purchasing The Telephone tickets through Vividseats.com. Please read the information below and should have any additional questions, please feel free to contact our office at 1.866. 848. TIXX.

What happens if you decline tickets on Vivid Seats?

Denial of Admission: If a buyer claims to have been denied entry to an event, Vivid Seats will investigate the matter. Such investigation may require Seller to provide proof of purchase and authenticity of the tickets as well as proof of entry at the venue at the time and date of the event.

Does StubHub sell fake tickets?

Unfortunately, fake StubHub tickets happen, as I learned at Kaskade’s Pier 94 concert Saturday night. … put it, is like “ticket insurance.” Basically “FanProtect” is StubHub’s promise that you will receive the tickets you ordered before the event and they won’t be fake, but that’s not always how it works.

Is it safe to buy tickets from StubHub?

1. Is StubHub Legit to Buy from? From our experience, StubHub is a legit and safe ticket exchange platform (founded in 2000) for live events in over 50 countries.

How do I contact Vivid Seats for refund?

Need immediate assistance?Chat with an agent: Chat Now.Call toll-free: 833.228.5143.International: 925.206.3066.

Do Vivid Seats credits expire?

Does Vivid Seats Rewards Cash expire? For MVPs, Rewards Cash expires 12 months after it is issued. … If the event does not occur, and the tickets are refunded, no Cash Back is issued.

How do I get my tickets from Vivid Seats?

When you do arrive at the venue, you can access your tickets through the mobile version of the website you accepted the tickets on, or their mobile app. Once you have them pulled up, simply show the information on your screen to the ticket attendant to gain admission.

How is vivid seats sell tickets before Ticketmaster?

Vivid Seats does not own or generate tickets; rather, all tickets listed in our marketplace are managed and owned, by professional ticket resellers and pre-screened individual sellers who have already purchased those tickets. … As a result, they are able to provide premium tickets or passes to sold-out events.

Can you transfer vivid seat tickets?

Yes,in most cases, if you purchased the tickets for someone else, or can no longer attend your event, you are able to transfer the tickets to another person’s email address. … When you click on the specific tickets that you would like to send, a “Transfer” button will appear.

How long does Vivid Seats take to process?

Typically, you can expect to receive payment 7 business days after our system has recognized that the event for which you sold tickets has occurred.

Are Vivid Seats tickets guaranteed?

With Vivid Seats, your purchase is safe and secure, and your tickets are guaranteed to arrive on time. Also, in the case your event is cancelled, you’ll receive full compensation.

Where is the best place to sell tickets?

StubHubThere’s a variety of options out there if you are looking to sell your tickets on a ticket marketplace, but your best bets are (roughly in order of size) StubHub, Vivid Seats, TicketsNow, TicketExchange by Ticketmaster, and TickPick.

How much is a 3 day rolling loud ticket?

On the secondary market, tickets start at $857 for a 3-day GA pass. For anyone looking to spend even more, Loud Club tickets are still available, starting at $5,000. TicketIQ is committed to Transparent Ticketing, and we make much less on ‘sold out’ tickets compared to other major marketplaces like StubHub and Vivid.

How much does Vivid Seats charge to sell tickets?

Listing tickets on Vivid Seats is free! Once tickets sell, a 10% seller fee will be deducted from your total sale price.

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