Question: Who Will Perform At KCON 2020?

Where can I watch KCON 2021?

KCON:TACT 3 will be available to stream globally via KCON’s YouTube channel and TVing in Korea..

How much does a KCON ticket cost?

From March 2, 2020 at 3 p.m. EST, you will be able to register and purchase your KCON 2020 NY Convention and KCON ROOKIES tickets at a discounted rate–$30.99 for Convention GA tickets (original: $35.99) and $45 for KCON ROOKIES tickets (original: $60).

What does KCON stand for?

KCONAcronymDefinitionKCONContents KeyKCONKirkhof College of Nursing (Grand Valley State University; Allendale, MI)

How can I watch Kact Season 2 tact?

How can you watch KCON:TACT season 2? You’ll need to become either a KCON:TACT or KCON:TACT PLUS member first!…Select either KCON:TACT or KCON:TACT PLUS.Click the “Join” button.Proceed with payment.

How do I join tact in KCON?

KCON:TACT MEMBERSHIP GUIDEGo to: or either KCON:TACT or KCON:TACT PLUS.Click the “Join” button.Proceed with payment.

What time is KCON tact?

This program block will air each day at 6 AM PDT // 9 AM EDT. We will release the daily lineup soon.

What time does KCON 2020 start?

7:30 PMThe pre-show starts at 7:00 PM and the main show starts at 7:30 PM.

Is KCON online?

Experience KCON, the world’s biggest K-Culture festival, online! KCON:TACT is the first-ever online K-Culture festival that connects the world.

How do I buy KCON tickets?

Purchase your Convention tickets at 2].

Is KCON LA 2020 Cancelled?

A: All physical KCON events for 2020–including KCON 2020 LA–have been cancelled. We hope that all of our fans are staying healthy and we can’t wait to see you at KCON:TACT!

Does BTS go to KCON?

In 2016, KCON expanded into Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and Paris, France….Locations and dates.CityNewark, New JerseyCountryUnited StatesVenuePrudential CenterAttendance40,000Line-upBTS, Day6, Eric Nam, Mamamoo65 more columns