Question: What Happens If Tickets Don’T Sell On Ticketmaster?

Why is resale not available TicketMaster?

Not all events or tickets are available for Fan-to-Fan Resale.

If you don’t see a Sell Tickets button or it’s grayed out, selling your tickets through Ticketmaster is not available.

In order to resell your tickets for events in the US, you must have a US bank account..

Are you allowed to resell tickets?

CALIFORnIA Without written permission, may not resell a ticket for more than face value while at the event venue.

Which is better StubHub or Ticketmaster?

In theory, both portals are similar. StubHub has a sketchy customer service, but its fees are crystal clear and it is easy to use. TicketMaster has merged with Live Nation, so in theory, it should have a much higher selection of tickets. Its fees, however, tend to be slightly bigger.

How do I transfer tickets back on Ticketmaster?

To be eligible for any available credits or refunds, you must have purchased your tickets directly from Ticketmaster or Live Nation, and the tickets must be transferred back to your online account. Once the tickets have been transferred back to you, please contact Fan Support to complete your request.

How does Ticketmaster transfer work?

If you accepted tickets on a different site, log in to that site and transfer them to the account you want them in. It is also possible that they are located in the team or venue’s official site or app, which is separate from your Ticketmaster account.

Is AXS and Ticketmaster the same?

AXS, a digital marketplace operated by Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG), is the second largest presenter of live events in the world after Live Nation Entertainment (i.e. Ticketmaster).

Is it illegal to buy and resell items?

Generally, it’s not illegal to resell an item that you have legitimately purchased. Once you have purchased something at retail it is yours to do with as you choose. With your current business model (buying retail and then reselling), you’ll have two levels of sales tax. …

How much does TicketMaster charge to resell tickets?

TicketExchange by TicketMaster To read more, check out our post on the NFL Ticket Exchange, but for now, suffice to say that TicketMaster’s reseller fees are still pretty high: 15% for the buyer and 10% to 15% for the seller (10% for season ticket holders, 15% for regular ticket holders).

Is Ticketmaster resale safe?

Ticketmaster told CHOICE, “Ticketmaster Resale is a safe and secure marketplace where individuals are able to buy and resell tickets, with all purchases backed by our industry-leading fan guarantee.” Although they noted they didn’t know of any customers who’d been denied a refund under this clause, they didn’t answer …

Can I get a Ticketmaster refund?

If an event is canceled, you will automatically get a refund to the method of payment used to make your purchase. … A refund is issued using the same method of payment that was used to purchase the tickets. Ticketmaster cannot issue a refund to any account other than the original payment method.

How do I know if my tickets sold on Ticketmaster?

If your tickets are sold, we will automatically notify you via email. To check on the status of your posted tickets, go to your Listings page. You’ll receive your payout typically within 7 days after the event.

How do I claim transferred tickets on Ticketmaster?

If you receive your tickets through our “Ticket Transfer” feature, you’ll receive an email with instructions to accept your tickets. From your desktop, laptop or mobile phone, click on the “Accept Tickets” button and login to your Ticketmaster account.

Is buying and reselling tickets illegal?

In the US, ticket scalping is the practice of buying and reselling event tickets by private citizens, rather than by the sponsoring venue or organization, usually at a much higher price than their face value. Laws about ticket scalping vary by state, and there is no federal law that prohibits the practice.

Is it illegal to buy tickets from a scalper?

These days, scalping has become gentrified. While still illegal in most cities (and outside most venues), it is 100% legal on, and Ticketmaster Resale . Yes, Ticketbastard has their own scalping site.

What if I can’t sell my tickets on TicketMaster?

If you cannot exchange your tickets, you may be able to sell them. Look for the SELL button located in your ticket order within your account to see if resale is available.

How long does it take to resell tickets on TicketMaster?

We’ll email you once your tickets sell. You’ll receive your payout typically within 7 days after the event.

Why can’t I transfer tickets on Ticketmaster?

Re: Ticketmaster won’t let me transfer tickets Typically, non-transferrable tickets have resale restrictions and cannot be used by anyone else except the original purchaser. We suggest checking with the primary point of purchase to let you know if someone else can use the tickets or not.

Does Ticketmaster refund resale tickets?

If you have sold your tickets for the postponed, rescheduled, or moved event through,, or (i.e., you resold your tickets through one of those sites, and you’ve been paid for them), your tickets will be returned to your account if: (1) the Event Organizer has authorized …

Should I sell tickets on StubHub or Ticketmaster?

You’re good to go. Ticketmaster doesn’t allow resell on their site for all events. However, you can sell those tickets on StubHub or any other marketplace.

Are Flash Seats reliable?

Customer service is known to be rude, and the company itself seems to have an “oh well” attitude. After reading more than 55 reviews, we don’t recommend Flash Seats as a legit website to buy or sell your event tickets.”