Question: What Does Phantasm Mean?

What’s another word for nightmare?

What is another word for nightmare?horrortormenttribulationdreamfancyfantasyillusionpet hatephantasmsuccubus57 more rows.

What does Besprinkled mean?

verb (used with object), be路sprin路kled, be路sprin路kling. to sprinkle (something) all over, as with water or a powder.

How do you use phantasm in a sentence?

Phantasm in a Sentence 馃攭The boy thought he saw a ghost, when it was simply a phantasm he perpetuated out of fear. … The anxiety-ridden partygoer believed the phantasm that no one wanted to speak with her. … He thought he saw his ex-girlfriend walking down the street, but it turned out to be a phantasm he created.More items…

What is the synonym of phantasm?

Synonyms. spirit apparition spectre phantom specter Flying Dutchman disembodied spirit phantasma fantasm.

What are Habiliments?

1 habiliments plural : characteristic apparatus : trappings the habiliments of civilization鈥 W. P. Webb. 2a : the dress characteristic of an occupation or occasion 鈥攗sually used in plural. b : clothes 鈥攗sually used in plural.

What does docility mean?

1 : easily taught a docile pupil. 2 : easily led or managed : tractable a docile pony.

What do you call someone who fantasizes a lot?

Fantasy prone persons are reported to spend up to half (or more) of their time awake fantasizing or daydreaming, and will often confuse or mix their fantasies with their real memories. … A paracosm is an extremely detailed and structured fantasy world often created by extreme or compulsive fantasizers.

What is the meaning of sagacious?

1a : of keen and farsighted penetration and judgment : discerning sagacious judge of character. b : caused by or indicating acute discernment sagacious purchase of stock. 2 obsolete : keen in sense perception.

What is the meaning of impedimenta?

appurtenances, equipment1 : appurtenances, equipment. 2 : things that impede.

What is a bonspiel?

: a match or tournament between curling clubs.

What are phantasms?

1 : a figment of the imagination or disordered mind. 2 : an apparition of a living or dead person. More from Merriam-Webster on phantasm.

What does phantasmagoric mean?

1 : an exhibition of optical effects and illusions. 2a : a constantly shifting complex succession of things seen or imagined. b : a scene that constantly changes. 3 : a bizarre or fantastic combination, collection, or assemblage. Other Words from phantasmagoria Example Sentences Learn More about phantasmagoria.