Question: Is Vivid Seats The Same As Ticketmaster?

How do I speak to someone at Vivid Seats?

Need immediate assistance?Chat with an agent: Chat Now.Call toll-free: 833.228.5143.International: 925.206.3066..

Is Vivid Seats a resale site?

Vivid Seats is a resale marketplace for event tickets. … Vivid Seats also serves as the official ticket provider for ESPN.

Who is the CEO of Vivid Seats?

Stan ChiaStan Chia is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Vivid Seats, the largest independent ticket marketplace in North America.

Which is better vivid seats or StubHub?

StubHub’s fees are reportedly a little higher than Vivid Seats’ on average. Total fees can range from 20% to 50% of the original price. StubHub does have decent customer service but it is nowhere near as highly recommended as Vivid Seats.

Can you get scammed on Vivid Seats?

No, Vivid Seats themselves cannot sell fake tickets since they provide the platform for the sellers and buyers. Most of the tickets for sale are sent directly by sellers or “professional licensed ticket brokers” to the buyer via UPS with tracking, or electronic delivery to your mobile device.

How does Vivid Seats get their tickets?

Vivid Seats does not own or generate tickets; rather, all tickets listed in our marketplace are managed and owned, by professional ticket resellers and pre-screened individual sellers who have already purchased those tickets. … As a result, they are able to provide premium tickets or passes to sold-out events.

Can I cancel tickets from Vivid Seats?

Due to the nature of a live ticket marketplace, all sales are final. We are unable to cancel or refund your ticket purchase once placed. If you can’t make the event anymore, we encourage you to resell or pass along your tickets to someone else as tickets are transferable.

How long does it take to get my tickets from Vivid Seats?

Typically, you can expect to receive payment 7 business days after our system has recognized that the event for which you sold tickets has occurred.

How much does Vivid Seats charge to buy tickets?

Listing tickets on Vivid Seats is free! Once tickets sell, a 10% seller fee will be deducted from your total sale price.

Is Vivid Seats Legit Reddit?

They are legit, seats are cheaper until they add in their “fees”. I found them to be only 10-15 bucks cheaper than stubhub.

Does Vivid Seats show seat number?

We ask that you enter the seat numbers when you list the tickets so we can ensure the seats are side by side. However, as with all tickets for sale on our site, these numbers are not displayed to the buyer while browsing or at checkout.

Is Vivid Seats owned by Ticketmaster?

Is Vivid Seats owned by Ticketmaster? No. Vivid Seats is an independently owned and operated online marketplace.

Is TicketSmarter legit?

TicketSmarter is not a scam, it is a ticket resale marketplace with tickets listed by third-party sellers. … Your tickets will be delivered in time for your event.

Is TicketMaster legit?

TicketMaster is a legitimate company that holds the exclusive rights to sell the tickets for many of the biggest concert tours, Broadway shows and major sporting events that happen across the world.

Are Vivid Seats tickets refundable?

What Is the Vivid Seats Refund Policy? Vivid Seats allows refunds under specific conditions. If the event organizer or performing artist cancels an event, you can request compensation for your ticket. … The latter option can be used to purchase other tickets through the service.

Who owns Vivid Seats?

Vivid Seats was founded in Chicago, Illinois, in 2001 by Jerry Bednyak and Eric Vassilatos. Vivid Seats has been invested in by two private equity companies, Vista Equity Partners in 2016 and GTCR in 2017. GTCR bought a majority stake for $575 million.

Are Vivid Seats tickets guaranteed?

With Vivid Seats, your purchase is safe and secure, and your tickets are guaranteed to arrive on time. Also, in the case your event is cancelled, you’ll receive full compensation.

How do I transfer tickets from Ticketmaster to Vivid Seats?

When you log into your account on the site you “accepted” your tickets on, you will be able to view all of the tickets that have been transferred to you. When you click on the specific tickets that you would like to send, a “Transfer” button will appear.

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