Question: How Do I Redeem Ticketmaster Tickets?

Can I use Ticketmaster gift card on Live Nation?

Gift Cards may be used toward the purchase of tickets sold through the Ticketmaster and Live Nation websites and mobile apps..

How long do e gift cards last?

24 monthsA gift card/e-gift card is valid for 24 months from the last spend on it. If you don’t use it within 24 months, any remaining balance will be cancelled.

How do I retrieve my tickets from Ticketmaster?

Call Ticketmaster. If you have misplaced hard copy tickets that you purchased by phone or online, you have to deal with Ticketmaster directly. The easiest way to get in touch with them about the tickets is to call their fan support line at 800-653-8000.

What happens if you transfer tickets on Ticketmaster?

Will the person sending the tickets know I accepted them? Once you accept the ticket, the sender will receive a notification that the tickets have been successfully transferred.

How can I check if my e ticket is valid?

Contact the venue or ticket seller by phone with the e-ticket handy. Provide the e-ticket number and ask the company to confirm the sale of the ticket. Visit the box office of the venue or the ticketing company and ask a company representative to examine your e-ticket document.

How do I print my tickets from Ticketmaster?

Open the ticket and click on the “options” button on the right of your screen. Then click on “share” and then select “print”.

How do I get my tickets from Ticketmaster app?

Visit My Account to locate your Electronic/eTicket type. Mobile Entry is the easiest and safest way to access tickets to your events. When your event is Mobile only, or you selected Mobile Entry at checkout – your mobile phone is your ticket. Your tickets will not be available for print or emailed to you.

Why can’t I transfer my tickets on Ticketmaster?

Re: Ticketmaster won’t let me transfer tickets Typically, non-transferrable tickets have resale restrictions and cannot be used by anyone else except the original purchaser. We suggest checking with the primary point of purchase to let you know if someone else can use the tickets or not.

Is My Ticketmaster gift card still valid?

Do Gift Cards/e-Gift Card have an Expiration date? Ticketmaster Gift Cards/e-Gift Cards expire one year after purchase. Can I use my Gift Card / e-Gift Card in other countries? No, but you can purchase gift cards / e-cards from our other sites to be used in the specified country.

Can a screenshot of a barcode be scanned?

The simple answer is yes – if the barcode scanner that you have has what is known as a 2D (two dimensional) imager as its scan engine. Barcode scanners come with two different types of scan engines.

Can I use a screenshot of my Ticketmaster ticket?

Can I use a screenshot of my mobile ticket to enter? Your barcode includes technology to protect it, so you won’t be able to use screenshots or print outs.

Where can I sell my Ticketmaster gift card?

QuickcashMISell your Ticketmaster gift card at QuickcashMI on our secure gift card exchange. Sell unwanted Ticketmaster gift cards for cash.

Are Ticketmaster gift cards sold in stores?

Because of the limited number of third-party retailers that sell Ticketmaster gift cards, the easiest way to buy a Ticketmaster gift card is online through Ticketmaster’s website. The majority of the retailers we contacted in the course of our research do not sell Ticketmaster gift cards in-store or online.

How do you use Ticketmaster tickets?

How To Access Your Ticket(s):Open your Ticketmaster App or visit Ticketmaster using your mobile internet.Login to your Ticketmaster account and locate the order with your ticket(s).Tap and show. Your phone will be scanned for entry and you’re in!Mar 20, 2020

Where can I use my Ticketmaster Gift Card UK?

4.1 The Gift Card may only be used for purchases in the United Kingdom, online at or by telephone on 0844 847 1640, for tickets to participating events taking place in the UK and other event-related products (“Ticketmaster Products”).

How do I redeem my Ticketmaster gift card?

Just choose your tickets as normal, and then you’ll have the option to use a gift card when you get to the payment page.

Can I extend my Ticketmaster gift card?

Normally, unfortunately we can’t extend a gift card once it expires – it’s valid for 12 months, but if you haven’t used it by that time we can’t extend the card’s life. Please remember to check when your card was bought so you don’t lose out.

Can you put Ticketmaster tickets in Apple wallet?

Adding tickets to a digital wallet is not available for Android users at this time. Fans with the latest version of iOS can follow the steps below: … Tap on Add to Apple Wallet.

How do I save Ticketmaster tickets to my phone?

We recommend using our App. When you view it in our App, your ticket will be automatically saved so it’s always ready….Here’s how it works:Download the Ticketmaster app and sign in.Tap My Events to locate your order and view your tickets.To get in, you’ll simply scan your ticket right from your phone.Feb 14, 2020

How do mobile tickets work?

When you buy a type of mobile ticket on StubHub, you’ll view the ticket on your phone. Then you’ll scan the barcode or QR code at the gate. StubHub offers several kinds of mobile tickets. Not all are available for each event.

How do I print my e ticket?

How to print IRCTC train e-ticketLog on to the IRCTC e-ticketing website by providing the correct username and password.Go to ‘My Transactions’ and click on ‘Booked Ticket History’ link on the main menu bar.All the booked tickets will be displayed.More items…•Jun 8, 2019