Question: How Do I Contact StubHub Customer Service?

How do I know if my StubHub tickets are real?

Are my tickets real.

Print• They say $0.00.

These are often free tickets the seller can relist.•They are printed with duplicate.

This happens when tickets are reprinted, but they are usually still valid.•They have a VOID watermark.

This watermark prevents others from copying them..

What happens if you buy tickets on StubHub and it gets Cancelled?

If an event is canceled, we’ll give you a StubHub credit for 120% of the amount you paid. Read more about our event cancelation policy. What is your rescheduled or postponed event policy? If an event is rescheduled or postponed, your ticket will be good for the new date.

How do I contact StubHub for a refund?

Contact usUnited States and Canada.1.866.788.2482.

Is StubHub owned by Ticketmaster?

EBay has owned StubHub since 2007, when it bought the business from Messrs. Baker and Fluhr for $310 million. … Ticketmaster, the largest ticket seller, has been expanding its resale business, too. The secondary ticketing market overall, meanwhile, has been contending with a more-aggressive primary ticketing market.

How do I contact someone at StubHub?

810 1 415-222-8400StubHub/Customer service

How do I report a StubHub issue?

Go to My Account. On the ‘Sales’ page go to the ‘Open sales’ tab. Under the ‘Status & action’ column, click the ‘Report an issue’ link. Let us know that you need to change the date you’ll have your tickets and then let us know when you’ll be ready to send them.

Can you get scammed on StubHub?

If you can get scammed on stubhub, I would say it is more likely that it is the seller getting scammed. Yes you can. I spent almost $1600 on tickets. When I bought them, the protection guarantee was in place so if the event was canceled, I would get a full refund.

Are StubHub tickets guaranteed?

Here at StubHub we back every ticket we sell 100% with out FanProtect Guarantee! In short, we guarantee that the tickets will arrive on time and will be valid for entry into the event!

Can you cancel a StubHub sale?

Yes, you can cancel the listing at any time before they have been sold on StubHub.

What percentage does StubHub take from sellers?

15%“It is free to list tickets for sale, and to search for tickets to buy on StubHub. On each completed transaction, the buyer pays a 10% fee, and sellers are charged a 15% fee. For example, on the sale of a $100 ticket, the buyer would pay $110. The seller would net $85.”

Why are StubHub tickets so cheap?

Yes they do. You just have to give it time and keep checking back. Typically, as the event date gets closer, ticket holders selling on the StubHub marketplace will lower their prices so as to get rid of the inventory of tickets they have, for better to make money at a cheaper rate than to completely lose your profit.

Are tickets from StubHub reliable?

StubHub is a trustworthy site for locating hard-to-find tickets to events that are listed as sold out everywhere else. The company makes it exceptionally easy to search through available seats and to determine which tickets constitute the best deals.

Is StubHub better than Ticketmaster?

Stubhub has the most inventory of any reseller, but it doesn’t always have the best deals because of its fees. Ticketmaster tends to have a great selection but it also has lots of hidden fees and generally non-transparent pricing. The Ticket Exchange is a peer to peer marketplace for select sports teams.

How do you cancel an order on StubHub?

Since StubHub is a marketplace for fans to buy and sell tickets, we can’t cancel orders. By clicking Buy now, you complete the order. Can’t use or don’t want the tickets you bought? Resell your tickets and give someone else the chance to go.

How long does it take to get your tickets from StubHub?

In most cases, tickets aren’t issued until 24 hours before the event. When this kind of delay happens, sellers have until 10 AM event day to deliver the tickets and fulfill the order. If it’s past 10 AM on the event day and you don’t have the tickets, contact us.

How do you resell tickets on StubHub?

How can I sell mobile tickets on StubHub? Listing on StubHub is as easy as 1-2-3Just sign in to the app or on your mobile browser, tell us what tickets you’re selling, and set your price. When you have a buyer, we’ll give you the added benefit of providing instructions on how to deliver the tickets to them.