Question: Do I Need A Ticketmaster Account To Buy Tickets?

How do you get tickets from Ticketmaster?

Your tickets will be located in your account and will be available for you before the event.

Visit My Account to locate your Electronic/eTicket type.

Mobile Entry is the easiest and safest way to access tickets to your events..

Can someone else use my Ticketmaster tickets?

My name is on the Ticketmaster tickets can my friend/partner/child use the tickets instead of me? Yes – you can give your ticket(s) to a friend, partner or family member, even if your name is printed on it. However, some events/venues carry out ID checks to make sure the person who bought the tickets is attending.

Is Live Nation and Ticketmaster the same thing?

The company launched, a primarily informational website, in 1995. The site was later developed for ticket sales and sold its first ticket in 1996. … In 2010, Ticketmaster and Live Nation merged to form Live Nation Entertainment, Inc.

How do you transfer tickets on Ticketmaster?

How do I accept transferred tickets?Accept Tickets via Email. Tap the Accept Tickets link in your email. … Accept Tickets via Text. … Will the person sending the tickets know I accepted them? … Will the person I transfer tickets to need a Ticketmaster account? … I lost the email/text for my transferred tickets. … I accepted tickets but can’t find them. … Learn More.Sep 13, 2020

Can I transfer Ticketmaster tickets to someone without an account?

Will the person I transfer tickets to need a Ticketmaster account? Yes, and it takes just a few seconds to create one. If they already have an account, be sure to use the email address associated with their Ticketmaster account, so it’s even easier for them to accept their tickets.

Can I buy Ticketmaster tickets at Walmart?

Ticketmaster tickets will continue to be available at approximately 1,200 Walmart stores and now on … “We collaborated with Walmart to introduce another convenient ticket buying option on and fans can choose to have their tickets mailed or available for in store pick up at their Walmart.”

How can you tell if tickets are fake?

Take a paper clip and heat it up red hot. Set the hot edge on the corner of the ticket for a few seconds. If it’s a genuine ticket, it will turn the front brown and you will see very little, if anything, on the back. A fake ticket will usually catch on fire but will always show a burnt mark on the back side.

How can I tell if my Ticketmaster tickets are real?

The only way to know your tickets are authentic, is to buy Ticketmaster “Verified Tickets” directly from Ticketmaster or Live Nation, or get them at the venue box office. These tickets will always be 100% authentic.

Can you get scammed on Ticketmaster?

People might pose as Ticketmaster on Craigslist – and sometimes they can seem very legit – but that’s not us, just a scammer trying to rip you off. Ticketmaster will never request that you wire funds. In fact, you shouldn’t wire funds for anything on Craigslist.

Does Ticketmaster offer discounts?

Does Ticketmaster have coupons? Yes! By using official Ticketmaster coupons you can save up to 50% on the listed ticket price.

Do you have to pay Ticketmaster fees at the box office?

For all events, no Ticketmaster fees are charged at the box office. … Ticketmaster states that, “In almost all cases, Ticketmaster adds a service fee (also known as a convenience charge) to the face value price, or in the case of a resale ticket to the listing price, of each ticket.

Are box office tickets cheaper?

By buying tickets in-person, at the box office, you can avoid paying any ticketing fees, that get a lot more expensive the more tickets you purchase.

Can someone transfer fake tickets through Ticketmaster?

No, but I want to clarify that we are talking about original tickets, not tickets that were bought on Stubhub that originally came from Ticketmaster. … The best way to protect yourself is to use the Ticketmaster app to do all of your buying, selling, or transfers. You will never get a fraudulent ticket this way.

How does mobile tickets work on Ticketmaster?

Mobile Entry is the easiest and safest way to access tickets to your events. When your event is Mobile only, or you selected Mobile Entry at checkout – your mobile phone is your ticket. Your tickets will not be available for print or emailed to you.