Question: Can You Sue StubHub?

Can StubHub send you to collections?

If Stubhub reports you to collections, you can write a cease and desist letter and mail it to the collector…

At that point, the debt collector can not : send you letters, call you, or contact you by any means related to any debts that claim you owe…

They won’t because this isn’t normal debt….

How does StubHub guarantee authenticity?

In short, we guarantee that the tickets will arrive on time and will be valid for entry into the event! In the rare occasion that there are issues with your ticket, we’ll look to replace it with an equal or better seat, or get you a full refund!

How do I contact StubHub for a refund?

Contact usUnited States and Canada.1.866.788.2482.

How do I know if my StubHub tickets are real?

Are my tickets real? Print• They say $0.00. These are often free tickets the seller can relist.•They are printed with duplicate. This happens when tickets are reprinted, but they are usually still valid.•They have a VOID watermark. This watermark prevents others from copying them.

Are StubHub instant download tickets reliable?

Is StubHub reliable? Overall, StubHub is fairly reliable, but this depends on how your tickets are delivered. If you can download your tickets right from StubHub, then it’s very reliable. If you need to get them over email, it’s a little less reliable.

Can you get a refund on baseball tickets?

2020 Major League Baseball Event Refund Policy Retain possession of this ticket until the Game has been played or other Event has occurred. This ticket is good only for this particular Event and no part of the purchase price will be refunded or credited by reason of the failure of Holder to use it for this Event.

What happens if you get scammed on StubHub?

Re: Scammed ticket! If you do not receive the correct tickets by the time the seller promised, or in the rare occurrence there is an issue with the tickets at the venue, reach out to us right away! We will do our very best to replace the order with comparable tickets, or you’re entitled to a refund.

Is StubHub owned by Ticketmaster?

EBay has owned StubHub since 2007, when it bought the business from Messrs. Baker and Fluhr for $310 million. … Ticketmaster, the largest ticket seller, has been expanding its resale business, too. The secondary ticketing market overall, meanwhile, has been contending with a more-aggressive primary ticketing market.

Does StubHub sell fake tickets?

With all that being said, fake tickets can be and likely are posted on Stubhub all the time, though the actual numbers are very hard to quantify as most of the time tickets are fulfilled, and there are checks and balances to charge ticket sellers for any unfulfilled or incorrectly filled ticket sales.

How do you cancel a ticket on StubHub?

Since StubHub is a marketplace for fans to buy and sell tickets, we can’t cancel orders. By clicking Buy now, you complete the order. Can’t use or don’t want the tickets you bought? Resell your tickets and give someone else the chance to go.

How do I know if my e tickets are real?

Contact the venue or ticket seller by phone with the e-ticket handy. Provide the e-ticket number and ask the company to confirm the sale of the ticket. Visit the box office of the venue or the ticketing company and ask a company representative to examine your e-ticket document.

How do I contact StubHub by phone?

810 1 415-222-8400StubHub/Customer service

Who is made better off by sites such as StubHub What reason do you have for your answer?

Who is made better off by sites such as Stubhub? What reason do you have for your answer? The Sellers. StubHub is for the most part, a resale market which allows ticket scalpers or casual sellers to sell tickets on the secondary market for a lot higher than what they actually paid for the ticket.

Why are StubHub tickets so cheap?

Yes they do. You just have to give it time and keep checking back. Typically, as the event date gets closer, ticket holders selling on the StubHub marketplace will lower their prices so as to get rid of the inventory of tickets they have, for better to make money at a cheaper rate than to completely lose your profit.

What happens if StubHub tickets don’t arrive?

Re: Tickets not delivered on time Sellers are penalized if they are unable to provide the correct, valid tickets in time for the event. Rest assured, with an event 24-48 hours away, our replacement team will make sure to reach out ASAP.