How Do You Spell Postponed?

What is the phrasal verb of postponed?

This means to postpone doing something; to do something at a later date.

Here are three more examples: “I keep putting off going to the dentist.” “My friends boss has put off the meeting until tomorrow.”.

Is Prepone a word?

Prepone is an English word. … The word comes from the Latin “ponere”, to place; so just as “postpone” is to place later, why can’t “prepone” be to place before?

What is the difference between postpone and postponed?

To postpone something is to put it off until later. You can postpone an appointment today and reschedule it for tomorrow. Anything you’re putting for is being postponed: people postpone things they don’t have time to do or just don’t want to do.

Why is Prepone incorrect?

In correct, corseted English, the word ‘prepone’ does not exist. It is a word coined by Indians who are in such a rush to “move to an earlier time than was originally planned” that they cannot waste words. … Of the 2 billion words that form the Oxford English corpus, 2 per cent is contributed by Indian usage.

How do you use postponed?

postpone something The game has already been postponed three times….Ruth wrote at once, asking Maria to postpone her visit.The event has been postponed indefinitely due to lack of interest.The game has been postponed from Wednesday night to Friday night.

What does procrastinate mean?

Trouble persuading yourself to do the things you should do or would like to do. When you procrastinate, instead of working on important, meaningful tasks, you find yourself performing trivial activities. Pro-crastinus = (lat.) belonging to tomorrow Procrastination = putting things off intentionally or habitually.

What is the meaning of postponing?

transitive verb. 1 : to put off to a later time : defer. 2a : to place later (as in a sentence) than the normal position in English postpone an adjective. b : to place later in order of precedence, preference, or importance.

What’s another word for postponed?

Some common synonyms of postpone are defer, stay, and suspend.

Is Cancelled meaning?

verb. If you say that someone is cancelled, you mean that other people stop supporting that person, especially because they are encouraged to do so by someone that person has criticized. 4. verb.

What does reckoning mean?

: the act of calculating the amount of something. : the time when your actions are judged as good or bad and you are rewarded or punished. : the act of judging something.

Has postponed in a sentence?

The event has been postponed indefinitely due to lack of interest. 7. The match was postponed to the next day because of bad weather. … The match was postponed to the following Saturday because of bad weather.

What is the opposite word of postpone?

What is the opposite of postpone?advancebring forwardforwardfurtherhastenhurrymaintainperseverepreponecarry out52 more rows

Can we postpone meeting?

If you need to reschedule the meeting, tell the other person why you need to reschedule and offer another date and time. If your reason for canceling is personal, you don’t have to explain the details. For example, you can say, “I have a family conflict, and I need to reschedule the meeting.”

Is postpone a correct word?

verb (used with object), post·poned, post·pon·ing. to put off to a later time; defer: He has postponed his departure until tomorrow. to place after in order of importance or estimation; subordinate: to postpone private ambitions to the public welfare.

What does pone in postpone mean?

post•pone. (poʊstˈpoʊn, poʊs-) v.t. -poned, -pon•ing. 1. to put off to a later time; defer: We have postponed our departure until tomorrow. 2. to place after in order of importance or estimation; subordinate.

Does postponed mean Cancelled?

As adjectives the difference between postponed and cancelled is that postponed is done later than originally planned; delayed while cancelled is no longer planned or scheduled.

What happens if a concert is postponed?

If your event is postponed, the event organizer is still trying to reschedule your event; if they do, your tickets will remain good for the rescheduled date. If your event has been rescheduled, and the event’s organizer is offering refunds, this option will be visible under the event in your Ticketmaster account.

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