How Do You Access Ticketmaster Presale?

How do I set up a Ticketmaster account?

Create an Account on DesktopGo to and select New to Ticketmaster.

Sign Up.Enter your email address, password, name, country of residence, and zip/postal code.

Select Next.Enter your phone number to get your One-Time Code.

Select Next.We will send your One-Time Code to your phone via SMS.Sep 13, 2020.

Why can’t I access Ticketmaster presale?

If you try to access the presale by going through the main website, unfortunately you won’t be able to access tickets –these presales can usually only be accessed via a separate hidden link. Please note that access to presales doesn’t guarantee you tickets and only gives you a chance to book before the general sale.

How do you get a presale longitude ticket?

3Plus Presale TicketsMake sure you’re registered for 3Plus. … Once you’ve registered for 3Plus, text PLUS to 51020 to receive presale alerts.When you receive a text alert about a concert or match you wish to attend, simply click the link in the text message,Click the ‘Text Me Code’ button.You will then receive a presale code by text.

How do I use American Express presale on Ticketmaster?

Here’s how to get American Express presale tickets:Find the event you want to attend on Ticketmaster.Click “Ticket Type” at the top of the page where seating options are listed.Select “American Express Card Member Presale.”Choose your tickets and check out.More items…•Feb 12, 2021

What is a presale code?

Presales give fans with passwords/codes the opportunity to purchase tickets before the general public! Just look for the “Offer Code” box or link on your event to enter your presale password. Desktop. Mobile. Presale passwords/codes are always entered before choosing your tickets.

How do you get Platinum presale?

How do I buy Official Platinum Seats? For events where they are available, please note that Official Platinum Seats can only be purchased online at, and they cannot be exchanged for a different event or purchased with a Ticketmaster Gift Card. What is the Current Price per ticket?

Are Ticketmaster presale tickets more expensive?

TLDR: presale just means u get early access to the tickets. Ticketmaster makes ALL the seats available for presale so if you get into presale, you can buy which ever seats u want. … The most expensive tickets are probably the front rows.

Does Ticketmaster release all tickets during presale?

A percentage of all tickets for the event are made available during the presale. Check our website often for new presales or register at Ticketmaster and sign up to be notified of upcoming special events. Many venues also make tickets available at their box office.

How do you get presale on Ticketmaster?

The presale allows members to buy tickets (online only) before they go on general sale. To gain access to the presale, you need to register on Live Nation and then log on at the time of the presale. The option to buy tickets will then become available to you.

How do I get verified fan presale?

How do I register for a Verified Fan event?Click on the link in the announcement to go to the custom registration page.Sign in using your Ticketmaster account, or if you don’t have one, you can create one when you register.Tell us what shows you’re interested in and submit your registration.Jan 30, 2020

Should I buy presale tickets or wait?

I learned pretty quickly that more often than not it is better to wait until the public sale to buy you seats. Not only will you increase your chances for better seats BUT they might even be less expensive. … Don’t waste your time with presales UNLESS you believe that the venue will sell out before you get your tickets.

What does it mean to be a verified fan on Ticketmaster?

Ticketmaster Verified Fan is committed to getting more tickets into the hands of fans fairly, and at the prices set. … Ticketmaster Verified Fan doesn’t guarantee that everyone who is Verified will get a ticket, but it does level the playing field so more tickets go to fans who intend to go to the show – not ticket bots.

Where do I get presale code for Ticketmaster?

Ticketmaster does not provide any codes over the phone or through email requests. Except for the Live Nation Presale or Offer codes listed below. Some artists have a presale registration period for fans. Fans that register will be sent a presale code via text on the day of the presale.

What are Ticketmaster presale tickets?

What is a presale?Tickets for some events are available to book before they’re released to the general public. … Presales are usually sold from a separate allocation of seats, which may not be the same as the tickets being released to the general public.More items…

How do you get verified fan presale tickets on Ticketmaster?

Follow these simple steps:Click on the link in the announcement to go to the custom registration page.Sign in using your Ticketmaster account, or if you don’t have one, you can create one when you register.Tell us what shows you’re interested in and submit your registration.Mar 10, 2020