How Do I Sign Up For Ticketmaster Presale?

Where do I get presale code for Ticketmaster?

Ticketmaster does not provide any codes over the phone or through email requests.

Except for the Live Nation Presale or Offer codes listed below.

Some artists have a presale registration period for fans.

Fans that register will be sent a presale code via text on the day of the presale..

Do you need an account on Ticketmaster to buy tickets?

Login or create a Ticketmaster account in advance, before tickets go on sale. We also recommend you have your password handy or reset it in advance to avoid delays. Have your up-to-date stored billing information within your Ticketmaster account. … With most high demand events, tickets can often sell out within minutes.

Are presale tickets cheaper?

Yeah, the primary reason for presale is getting them before the general public. It doesn’t always guarantee cheaper/better seats though. Pre sale benefit is getting a chance at better seats. It isn’t necessarily more expensive or less expensive.

How do you get your first ticket on Ticketmaster?

19 Foolproof Tips for Conquering TicketmasterSign up for a credit card. Prior to the general sale, most events offer exclusive presale opportunities for credit-card holders. … Join a fan club. … Presale codes are hiding in plain sight. … Be ready at least ten minutes before a sale begins. … Block those pesky CAPTCHA tests. … If all else fails, play the lottery.Oct 20, 2016

How do you get Platinum presale tickets on Ticketmaster?

How do I buy Official Platinum Seats? For events where they are available, please note that Official Platinum Seats can only be purchased online at, and they cannot be exchanged for a different event or purchased with a Ticketmaster Gift Card.

Should I buy presale tickets or wait?

I learned pretty quickly that more often than not it is better to wait until the public sale to buy you seats. Not only will you increase your chances for better seats BUT they might even be less expensive. … Don’t waste your time with presales UNLESS you believe that the venue will sell out before you get your tickets.

How do I get presale tickets with my American Express?

Here’s how to get American Express presale tickets:Find the event you want to attend on Ticketmaster.Click “Ticket Type” at the top of the page where seating options are listed.Select “American Express Card Member Presale.”Choose your tickets and check out.More items…

How do I get a presale code for Live Nation?

Fans that register will be sent a presale code via text on the day of the presale. Follow your favorite artists on social media for this opportunity.

How do I register with Ticketmaster?

Create an Account on DesktopGo to and select New to Ticketmaster? Sign Up.Enter your email address, password, name, country of residence, and zip/postal code. Select Next.Enter your phone number to get your One-Time Code. Select Next.We will send your One-Time Code to your phone via SMS.Sep 13, 2020

Does Ticketmaster sell all tickets presale?

Some tickets are made available to a certain group of fans before the general public, usually to recognize those in fan clubs and customer loyalty programs. Not all events will have presales and getting access to one doesn’t necessarily guarantee a fan a ticket. Certain venues may host presales.

What is the presale code for Ticketmaster bad bunny?

The Bad Bunny presale code for Live Nation is LAUGH and the LN Mobile presale code is COVERT. To use this presale code: Click here to access the Ticketmaster artist page for this tour. Scroll down to your tour date and click on MORE INFO.

How do I get an AXS presale code?

Sometimes a Seated link will send you to an artist presale at an page. Find the “ARTIST PRESALE” and use the password you were provided in your reminder. You may have to scroll down to see the “ARTIST PRESALE” offer.

How do you get presale tickets on Ticketmaster?

Presales give fans with passwords/codes the opportunity to purchase tickets before the general public! Just look for the “Offer Code” box or link on your event to enter your presale password. Presale passwords/codes are always entered before choosing your tickets.

How do I get Ticketmaster presale tickets UK?

Venue Presale Some venues may host presales for their mailing list, so make sure you’re signed up for their emails and newsletters to find out when, where and how. You’ll also want to visit any and all of your favourite venues’ websites to subscribe to their newsletters.

What does available for presale mean?

A presale home is a home that is available for purchase before it’s move‑in ready. It might be a home you choose to purchase before construction begins, or it may also be one you purchase while construction is underway.

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