How Do I Register For Ticketmaster Presale?

How do I get verified fan presale?

This is how it works:You’ll receive your unique code between 12 and 24 hours before the presale, either by e-mail or SMS (you’ll be told which when you register).

Copy Your Unique Code.

Click the link you were sent at the time specified.

On the ticket selection page, choose “Verified Fan Presale’ or ‘Fan Presale’.More items….

How do I get a presale code for Live Nation?

To get the Live Nation mobile app presale code, download Live Nation from the app store. When you click on a tour date, your LN Mobile code will be active for it.

How do I sign up for Ticketmaster presale?

To be eligible you must have signed up to become a My Ticketmaster Member on our website and sign up to receive Artist Alerts for the artist/s of your choice. Registration is required to be completed at least 48 hours prior to the announcement of the presale. Sign up for a My Ticketmaster account here.

How do you get verified fan presale tickets on Ticketmaster?

How do I register for a Verified Fan event?Click on the link in the announcement to go to the custom registration page.Sign in using your Ticketmaster account, or if you don’t have one, you can create one when you register.Tell us what shows you’re interested in and submit your registration.Jan 30, 2020

Are presale tickets better seats?

Pre-sales are an opportunity to secure tickets prior to the general public on sale, not a preferential seating service and does not guarantee getting better seats. A selection of seating is made available to purchase during a pre-sale. … Invitation and access to a pre-sale is not a guarantee of a securing a ticket.

Can you use the same Ticketmaster account on different devices?

Our website will only allow you to make one booking at a time, so if you’re trying to purchase tickets from two different devices, browsers, or windows using the same MyTicketmaster account, any tickets you have in your cart will be released for sale to other customers and you risk losing them.

How do I get a verified fan presale code?

Verified Fan Presale Registration Some artists have a presale registration period for fans. Fans that register will be sent a presale code via text on the day of the presale. Follow your favorite artists on social media for this opportunity.

How do I create a Ticketmaster account?

Create an Account on DesktopGo to and select New to Ticketmaster? Sign Up.Enter your email address, password, name, country of residence, and zip/postal code. Select Next.Enter your phone number to get your One-Time Code. Select Next.We will send your One-Time Code to your phone via SMS.Sep 13, 2020

How do I get Ticketmaster presale tickets with American Express?

Exclusive Access and Benefits for American Express Card MembersClick American Express® Card Member Presale under Ticket Type.Select number of tickets and price & section (if applicable)Click Find Tickets.

What’s the difference between presale and general sale?

Presales are usually sold from a separate allocation of seats, which may not be the same as the tickets being released to the general public. This gives you the chance to book before the general release, which often means there are fewer people competing for the pool of tickets available.

How do you get a presale longitude ticket?

3Plus Presale TicketsMake sure you’re registered for 3Plus. … Once you’ve registered for 3Plus, text PLUS to 51020 to receive presale alerts.When you receive a text alert about a concert or match you wish to attend, simply click the link in the text message,Click the ‘Text Me Code’ button.You will then receive a presale code by text.

Do you have to make an account on Ticketmaster to buy tickets?

Or, if you don’t have a Ticketmaster account, you can create a new one to accept your tickets. Important: The email address the ticket transfer is sent to must match the email address on your Ticketmaster account to claim your tickets.

How do I get the unlock code for Ticketmaster?

Open the Ticketmaster App and sign in to your account. Select the event. Tap Unlock. Enter your Offer Passcode and tap Unlock to apply.

Where is order details on Ticketmaster?

Tickets bought online at will automatically appear in your account. Click “My Account” at the top right of any page on our site and sign in to view the tickets under “View All Orders.” You can confirm your purchase along with delivery status, seat locations, total charges, and more!

Where do I find my Ticketmaster account number?

You will always receive a Ticketmaster account number at the conclusion of a booking over the phone or internet. Please make sure you have your account number when: Making enquiries about an existing booking including event, seating location or address detail. Collecting tickets at a Ticketmaster outlet or at the venue …

What is the Ticketmaster app?

Description. Ticketmaster gives you access to millions of live events and makes it easy to buy, sell, and get in – so you can get on with making memories that last. We are the Official Ticketing Partner of the NFL, NBA, NHL, and USTA.

Why can’t I access Ticketmaster presale?

If you try to access the presale by going through the main website, unfortunately you won’t be able to access tickets –these presales can usually only be accessed via a separate hidden link. Please note that access to presales doesn’t guarantee you tickets and only gives you a chance to book before the general sale.

What does Ticketmaster presale mean?

The presale allows members to buy tickets (online only) before they go on general sale. … The option to buy tickets will then become available to you. Presale tickets are the same as those available in the general sale, they are just available earlier while fewer customers are trying to book.

Are Ticketmaster presale tickets cheaper?

TLDR: presale just means u get early access to the tickets. Ticketmaster makes ALL the seats available for presale so if you get into presale, you can buy which ever seats u want. … The most expensive tickets are probably the front rows.

Can I Give My Ticketmaster tickets to someone else?

Yes, you can! Once you accept the tickets they’re all yours. If you can’t use them, you can transfer them back to the person who sent them, or transfer them to anyone else you like.

Can you buy multiple tickets on Ticketmaster?

Can I have multiple tickets on a single phone? Yes, you can easily swipe to view multiple tickets within your account. If you bought tickets for your group, our simple ticket transfer tool makes it easier than ever to meet at your seats instead of waiting outside.