How Do I Call Vivid Seats?

Are Vivid Seats and Ticketmaster the same?

Results were generated by 48 employees and customers of Ticketmaster and 6 employees and customers of Vivid Seats.

Ticketmaster’s brand is ranked #- in the list of Global Top 1000 Brands, as rated by customers of Ticketmaster….Ticketmaster vs Vivid Seats.12%Promoters88%Detractors1 more row.

Do I have to print my tickets from Vivid Seats?

“Email Delivery” and “Electronic – Instant Download” tickets must be printed in advance to ensure you gain admittance to your event quickly and easily. Due to the variations in venue technology, Vivid Seats encourages all PDF tickets to be printed prior to the event. …

Is Vivid Seats Legit Reddit?

They are legit, seats are cheaper until they add in their “fees”. I found them to be only 10-15 bucks cheaper than stubhub.

How do I cancel my Vivid Seats account?

To request that we deactivate your account, please contact us at [email protected] We will respond to your request within a reasonable timeframe.

Are Vivid Seats Guaranteed?

You deserve more than just your tickets — you deserve peace of mind. With Vivid Seats, your purchase is safe and secure, and your tickets are guaranteed to arrive on time. Also, in the case your event is cancelled, you’ll receive full compensation.

Do Vivid Seats credits expire?

Does Vivid Seats Rewards Cash expire? For MVPs, Rewards Cash expires 12 months after it is issued. … If the event does not occur, and the tickets are refunded, no Cash Back is issued.

Can you cancel Vivid Seats?

Unfortunately, no. As our Sales Terms and Conditions state, all sales are final. … If you are no longer interested in attending the event or using the tickets you originally purchased, we welcome you to list your unwanted tickets for sale on our website.

Is Gold vivid legit?

Goldvivid is a scam. I ordered on 23rd January 2021 and ordered 3 sweatshirts. And let me tell you when they didn’t even bother trying to cover up the fact that they are scamming me. They sent 2 products and they are the worst products I seen in my entire life.

Is Vivid Seats a legit place to buy tickets?

Is Vivid Seats legit? Yes. Vivid Seats is a trusted and reliable way to buy and sell tickets. It is a legitimate company that facilities hundreds of millions of dollars worth of ticket sales each year.

What are mobile tickets on Vivid Seats?

Mobile E-tickets are tickets in which barcodes are emailed to the recipient to download. Unlike Email Delivery tickets, Mobile E-tickets must be displayed on a smartphone to gain entry to an event.

What is vivid seats reward cash?

If you have purchased tickets to an event that has been canceled by the event organizer, you will receive a Rewards Cash loyalty credit for 110% of the full value of your order total, inclusive of base price, fees, delivery charges, less any sums already refunded.

What are fees for Vivid Seats?

Vivid Seats’ service fees are reported to run from 20% to 40% of the original ticket price. (This is where the site makes its money, after all.) Additional fees, like shipping, can be as much as $25 or as little as $7. There are many comments on Vivid Seats and on independent feedback sites citing their great service.

What is a preferred seller on Vivid Seats?

“Preferred Seller” is a special status awarded to professional resellers whom Vivid Seats values as longstanding partners. They consistently provide exceptional ticket inventory and outstanding service.

How long does it take to get your tickets from Vivid Seats?

Typically, you can expect to receive payment 7 business days after our system has recognized that the event for which you sold tickets has occurred.

Are Vivid Seats tickets refundable?

What Is the Vivid Seats Refund Policy? Vivid Seats allows refunds under specific conditions. If the event organizer or performing artist cancels an event, you can request compensation for your ticket. … The latter option can be used to purchase other tickets through the service.

Can you resell Vivid Seats tickets?

Terms to sell on You must have tickets in your possession or provide the date you anticipate having physical possession. You may not list or sell tickets before you own them. Once tickets sell, a 10% seller fee will be deducted from your total sale price.

Does Vivid Seats have a phone number?

We strive for efficiency and easy of use when purchasing The Telephone tickets through Please read the information below and should have any additional questions, please feel free to contact our office at 1.866. 848. TIXX.

Can you get scammed on Vivid Seats?

No, Vivid Seats themselves cannot sell fake tickets since they provide the platform for the sellers and buyers. Most of the tickets for sale are sent directly by sellers or “professional licensed ticket brokers” to the buyer via UPS with tracking, or electronic delivery to your mobile device.

How do I get my tickets from Vivid Seats?

When you do arrive at the venue, you can access your tickets through the mobile version of the website you accepted the tickets on, or their mobile app. Once you have them pulled up, simply show the information on your screen to the ticket attendant to gain admission.

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