Did We Love Kdrama Song Ji-Hyo?

Did we love Korean drama Song Ji Hyo?

Did We Love) is a South Korean television series starring Song Ji-hyo, Son Ho-jun, Song Jong-ho, Kim Min-joon, Koo Ja-sung and Kim Da-som.

It aired on JTBC from July 8 to September 2, 2020; each episode was released on Netflix in South Korea and internationally after their television broadcast..

Is it love Korean drama ending?

It seems that even as the drama comes to an end, it is hard to say Ae-jeong has grown much despite the series of unfortunate events she is made to conquer. Her relationship with Oh Dae-oh (Son Ho-jun) comes to a happy conclusion with the dramatic kidnapping of Ha-nee, Dong-chan (Yoon Sung-woo), and herself.

Who does she end up with in Was it love?

Turns out Dong-chan was successful in confessing his feelings to her as he is the groom. And Dae-oh returns after two years, to watch a more successful Ae-jeong doing what she loves best while he managed to publish a book under a different pen name called ‘Last Love’.

What is love all about Kdrama?

If you’re looking for a light, easy watch that’s relatively drama-free and focused on romance, Love is All is an adorable historical romcom. The series shows how Tan Lingyin and Tang Tianyuan solve different criminal cases together, and come to love and rely on each other along the way.

Was it love last episode review?

The Episode Review Was It Love hasn’t been a great drama but it isn’t an outright terrible one either. The story felt a little convoluted and could have done with being a little shorter. Still, the finale was decent and Ae-Jeong and everyone had the ending they deserved after many years of waiting.

Was it love ending wedding?

The finale closes out with Ha-nee’s wedding. Episode 16 was nothing special by any stretch of the imagination but it brings a natural ending to a convoluted love story that ran out of steam.

Do you like Brahms Kdrama?

Do You Like Brahms? (Korean: 브람스를 좋아하세요?; RR: Beuramseureul Joahaseyo?) is a South Korean television series starring Park Eun-bin, Kim Min-jae, Kim Sung-cheol, Park Ji-hyun, Lee Yoo-jin and Bae Da-bin. It is a romance drama about the students of classical music at a prestigious institution.

Was it love who is the father of Ha-nee?

News spreads quickly. In the present day, Ae-jeong sees the news article about Ryu Jin being the father of Ha-nee and she panics and gets a taxi to the school.

Was it love plot summary?

“Was it love?” is a romantic drama about a single mother of 14 years who is stuck between an attractive man who is bad, an attractive man who is young and a sexy man who is scary. “Did we love?” will tell the story of Noh Ae Jung, a movie producer and single mom who has been living on her own for 14 years.

Are we in love Korean drama?

Every man she meets ends up having a crush on her – including Seung Jae, who suddenly sheds his cool exterior to lay his heart bare for her. … And could the reformed Seung Jae win her heart – despite all the competition? “Are You in Love” is a 2020 South Korean romantic movie directed by Kim Jung Kwon.

What is love Taiwan drama?

What Is Love (Chinese: 花是愛) is a 2012 Taiwanese romantic-comedy television series. The television drama was produced by Bethel Video Productions Ltd, starring Wu Kang-jen and Jade Chou. The shooting began on April 9, 2012, and first aired on July 20, 2012 on TTV.

Why did Ae-Jeong leave Dae?

Ae-jeong tells Dae-o that she left him fourteen years ago because she didn’t want to die and since she left, Dae-o has remained dead in her heart. Ae-jeong cannot reverse the fourteen years. While on her own, she narrates that if she didn’t leave him she wouldn’t have had to hate him.