Can I Return My Tickets On Vivid Seats?

What is Zone seating Vivid Seats?

“Zone Seating” refers to tickets for seats that are guaranteed to be within the listed Section and/or Row or a better Section and/or Row.

Zone Seating ticket listings are notated as such..

How do I contact Vivid Seats for refund?

Need immediate assistance?Chat with an agent: Chat Now.Call toll-free: 833.228.5143.International: 925.206.3066.

Do Vivid Seats credits expire?

Does Vivid Seats Rewards Cash expire? For MVPs, Rewards Cash expires 12 months after it is issued. … If the event does not occur, and the tickets are refunded, no Cash Back is issued.

Who owns Vivid tickets?

Online ticket marketplace Vivid Seats Inc said on Thursday it had agreed to be taken public by a Todd Boehly backed blank-check firm, valuing the combined company at $1.95 billion. The deal with Horizon Acquisition Corp (HZAC.

Is Vivid Seats Legit Reddit?

They are legit, seats are cheaper until they add in their “fees”. I found them to be only 10-15 bucks cheaper than stubhub.

Which is better vivid seats or StubHub?

StubHub’s fees are reportedly a little higher than Vivid Seats’ on average. Total fees can range from 20% to 50% of the original price. StubHub does have decent customer service but it is nowhere near as highly recommended as Vivid Seats.

How long does it take to get vivid tickets?

All orders you place through Vivid Seats are considered ticket requests until the managing seller confirms the order. This confirmation usually occurs within moments. Once the seller confirms your order, you will receive an email containing your order’s estimated shipping or delivery date.

Do Vivid Seats prices drop?

If you wait to buy a specific set of tickets that you want, the seller may increase or decrease the price before you are ready to buy – or another customer may buy those tickets first. We cannot hold tickets for customers to purchase later, so we recommend buying tickets as soon as you find ones that you want.

How do I cancel my Vivid Seats account?

To request that we deactivate your account, please contact us at [email protected].com. We will respond to your request within a reasonable timeframe.

What are Flash seats on vivid tickets?

Flash Seats® allow you to attend an event without the need of a physical ticket. Your tickets will be transferred via email and must be displayed on the Flash Seats® Mobile App to enter the venue – available on iOS and Android.

Is StubHub reliable for tickets?

Is it Safe to Buy Tickets on StubHub? In a word, yes. The company is entirely legitimate and has the rights to sell or resell all the tickets on its website. As it is owned by eBay, it has the financial backing of one of the world’s largest companies.

Can you return tickets on Vivid Seats?

What Is the Vivid Seats Refund Policy? Vivid Seats allows refunds under specific conditions. If the event organizer or performing artist cancels an event, you can request compensation for your ticket. … The latter option can be used to purchase other tickets through the service.

Does Vivid Seats sell fake tickets?

No, Vivid Seats themselves cannot sell fake tickets since they provide the platform for the sellers and buyers.

Are Vivid Seats tickets guaranteed?

With Vivid Seats, your purchase is safe and secure, and your tickets are guaranteed to arrive on time. Also, in the case your event is cancelled, you’ll receive full compensation.

Can vivid seats be trusted?

Yes. Vivid Seats is a trusted and reliable way to buy and sell tickets. It is a legitimate company that facilities hundreds of millions of dollars worth of ticket sales each year. We recommend the company for anyone looking for deals on concert tickets or shows in the United States.

Can you cancel Vivid Seats?

Unfortunately, no. As our Sales Terms and Conditions state, all sales are final. … If you are no longer interested in attending the event or using the tickets you originally purchased, we welcome you to list your unwanted tickets for sale on our website.

How do I get my tickets from Vivid Seats?

When you do arrive at the venue, you can access your tickets through the mobile version of the website you accepted the tickets on, or their mobile app. Once you have them pulled up, simply show the information on your screen to the ticket attendant to gain admission.

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