Can I Buy O2 Tickets For Someone Else?

How do you get Ticketmaster presale tickets?

To gain access to the presale, you need to register on Live Nation and then log on at the time of the presale.

The option to buy tickets will then become available to you.

Presale tickets are the same as those available in the general sale, they are just available earlier while fewer customers are trying to book..

Why do my vivid tickets have someone else’s name?

The name on the ticket is the name of the original purchaser. This is a normal industry practice that would also occur if, for example, you purchased tickets as a gift for someone else. … Once you arrive at the venue, the staff will scan the bar code on your ticket and allow you to enter.

What time do concerts finish at the O2?

When do shows usually start and finish? Events in the arena finish no later than 11pm (Monday-Saturday) and no later than 10.30pm on Sunday.

How much are the weeknd tickets?

Typically, The Weeknd tickets can be found for as low as $89.00, with an average price of $140.00.

How many tickets can you buy on O2 priority?

six ticketsUsually you can buy up to six tickets for each event, but sometimes it’s less. It’s always best to check the terms and conditions when you click through to purchase the tickets.

Does the name on a Ticketmaster Ticket matter?

When you print off your tickets, the cardholder’s name will appear on each ticket. … They can just print the tickets off and give them to their friends and family to use. Unfortunately, we are unable to change the name on the booking -the tickets need to be in the cardholder’s name.

Do they ask for ID at the O2?

The O2 on Twitter: “We will be checking IDs and if you cannot present a valid form of identification, you will not be granted entry.… ”

Who has sold out the O2 Arena?

WizkidWizkid sells out the O2 Arena; makes history.

Who gets O2 priority?

O2 Priority deals for EVERYONE! If you’re not on O2, there’s a trick for you to get it on your smartphone too. O2 says anyone with an O2 mobile – including Pay and Go, Pay Monthly and business customers – is eligible to get it. So if you’ve ANY unlocked phone, it’s easy. 1.

How do I use O2 priority queue?

How? Step 1: Just search Priority in your app store, you’ll find this feature under ‘Offers’ or search ‘O2 Academy venues’. Step 2: Download the promo code. Step 3: Show it to our bar staff and voila!

What is stalls standing at the O2?

The stalls area is general admission, all standing. The balcony has 486 unreserved seating and room for 113 persons standing. As seating is unreserved if you would prefer a seat please arrive early. No seats will be reserved unless the event is stated as a reserved seated show.

How do I get my O2 tickets?

If you have purchased your tickets via AXS or The O2 website you can get your tickets on The O2 app. Select the ‘Wallet’ tab and then select your ‘AXS Tickets’. Sign in to your AXS account using the email and password you used to purchase your tickets. Once signed in you will see a ‘Get my tickets’ button.

How much are standing tickets at the O2?

Standing tickets – £66.25. Seated tickets – £44 / £60 / £88.75.

Can someone else get in with tickets that have my name on them?

Can someone else get in with tickets that have my name on them? Yup, including the tickets you print at home that show your name. Just hand them the tickets and they’ll get in no problem.

What is the standing capacity of the O2 arena?

20,000What is the capacity? O2 Arena’s capacity is 20,000.

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